Those Who think Flex owe's you!!

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Here Is a response from Tim, this should make everyone feel much better, please read.
There, answered!

Official Response

The answers to the post question are "YES" and "NO", respectively.  
I can guarantee those dates ;-)

I appreciate and completely understand your frustration over the release delays and I ask for a little more patience as we are getting close to a release.  I can guarantee you that everyone in Austin wants to get this new code into our customer's hands a lot more than you could ever imagine.  But we have instituted a more ridged quality assurance process to provide you with a quality product so that your user experience will be a quality one.

The delays have nothing to do with Win10, or anything like that.

The extent of the code re-factoring and internal optimizations we have done with v1.4 to properly support the included feature set is EXTENSIVE.  This requires a level of regression testing that is not normally required for a simple feature release.  This level testing of testing has delayed the release, but has improved the overall quality and operational stability of the radio.

Over the last several weeks we have been cutting multiple alpha releases per week for testing.  Each one is significantly better than the last.  The frequency of our internal alpha releases is indicative that we are in the final stages of polishing the release.

Please be just a little more patient.  We really are getting close.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree. This is not much more than what has already been said, but not accepted by some. We are very close...

I did speak with one of the alpha testers on Sunday, who couldn't Give any details, but did state that the Alpha releases are coming fast and furious, two in the past week, and that "it is getting very close."

He seemed to be very positive, and was having much fun with his latest alpha.
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Ken, I really think that once this remote has been added, the rest of the updates will come along fast as the platform has been tweeked, remote was a big change for the software.
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Why is is so hard for people to understand that the comment "It is getting very close" simply means "it's not ready yet" FRS has stated many times that it will be released when its done. Yet some people just can't comprehend "Its not ready"  They don't care that it's not ready just release it so we can complain some more. It doesn't help to keep asking about progress every day or so.... FRS has been working diligently on 1.4 and I am very sure THEY want the release as much or more than we do...I have been a FRS user since PowerSDR 1.8 and have seen the software features develope over the years... PowerSDR is not even close to SSDR in complexity.  FRS has taken on the task of bringing Ham Radio into the future by leaps and bounds with SSDR... All uncharted territory. Improving the software with features is also uncharted territory.  Just look at the improvements since its first release. It takes time to develop uncharted territory.... It just doesn't make since to keep hounding FRS for updates on progress because when they do it is never good enough for some. FRS says it is real close and people think that means tomorrow instead of the real meaning "its close but not ready to be released"... Everyone then wants to know WHEN WHEN WHEN... and again FRS says "it will be released when its done".  FRS is stuck in that "damned if you do and damned it you don't " scenario...  Bottom line is "it will be released when it is ready" and not before ...So STOP hounding FRS for answers they can"t possibly answer... and let them work on the software.
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Agree with you 100% John.  I think you have summed it up well...


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Very well written John. However, some people will not be intelligent enough to absorb your message. Again only in time................
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Two kinds of people, those that understand, and those that refuse to understand.

There's a price to be paid for perfection, even when, perfection will be freely downloadable, the price is time.

"But", "will it be perfect?" No. "Will it be better?" Yes, Thats the goal. 

"But", "Doesn't whining and complaining make you go faster?" Is faster what you will settle for? Is faster all you expect? Is that really what you want?

They can do broken really fast, They can stop even faster, Thats Right! They can stop.
So can you. They're working on it. Are you?

? ??
I'm waiting.

73 Jay - NO5J