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Thin Client Sweepstakes: How low can you go? We know essentially all the computing in the 6000 series is done in the Flexradio itself with the attached computer primarily sending commands and processing video. This is contrast to all the earlier Flexradios that depend on the attached computer to perform a great deal of the SDR processes. I initially ran my 6700 with a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet; while you may think that's a thin client, it is not. The Pro is a fully powered PC with an Intel i5 processor. So let's make things interesting. Now I'm running my 6700 with a Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150. The Q150 is designed as a TV computer that will attach to the back of your TV using he VESA mounting. It's about 6" x 6" x 1" and 2 lbs. The CPU is an Intel Atom with an nVIDA graphics processor. I run 4 receivers in 4 pans with another window for It works great. They sell for about $300 and used ones are much less. Any challenges for an even thinner client? [The Lenovo Q150 is the black box just behind the trackball.]
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Posted 6 years ago

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I can connect via wifi to my Flex 6500 and works great with my notebook in bedroom. Sounds good through computer speaker on my HP notebooks too. Of course don't have anything yet to be able to use mic in the computer or a key. Suspect that wouldn't be a hard hurdle for the computer/networking nerds in our group. Of course, only one computer can be connected at a time to the Flex 6500 so can't be running it from the desktop in the shack but suspect some sort of master-slave function could be implimented on my network to be able to do that too?

Flex as mentioned will be coming up with widearea networking capabilities in release software down the line and inventing the wheel with pre-release stuff seems counter productive.

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I don't know Jim. It is kinda hard to tell from a picture; but, that black box looks thicker than my surface Pro to my eyes. Did you actually measure them?
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Tim, Thin client is not a physical reference but rather a software architecture reference. Here is an explanation I borrowed from NN4ZZ from the Yahoo FLEXRADIOSMARTSDR Group. Hope you dont mind Al.

--- In, "Al NN4ZZ" wrote:

Hi ,
I think what the speaker was referring to is the software architecture rather
than the hardware. In the lingo of the 3 tiered software model, the thin client
is the user interface layer. The middleware and bottom layers are where the
interface to the logic and heavy lifting occurs and in FLEX, it happens on the
the radio.

So if thats what he meant, then the thin client layer is what is running on
the laptop.

Regards, Al

Hope that helps explain thin client a bit.

regards, Larry K1UO
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I think what Jim is referring to is 'what is the least powerful device that will run SmartSDR across the home network?'

the youTube video demo'd a 'dumpster grade netbook' i think...w5xz
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OLD ibm T-60...BARELEY ran PwrSDR...hooked radio up to my router, connected by WiFi...even with crummy graphics, worked very nicely !!

it's the 'thinnest' client around here, and i'm IMPRESSED, FWIW...73