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It appears the fall DXPedition season is upon us. E6GG, much to my surprise had all my contacts logged to LOTW before I did. Compared to Navassa, that is huge! All within perhaps a half hour.

As of 2200 hrs 15 is still open to the east coast... How cool is that!
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Walt - KZ1F

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Posted 3 years ago

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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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Wow! Just checked and got four new band slots. Very impressive DXPedition.
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The E6GG bunch are very good ops.  They run a good pileup and are very quick on the LOTW logging, too.
I just worked them on 10 CW which gives me all 7 CW bands from 10-40 Meters.  The 10 CW contact will also give me LOTW confirmation #100 on 10 Meters for DCXX on that band!  Whoo Hoo!  That makes 4 bands... 10, 15, 17, 20.  only need 4 more on 40 Meters to make it a 5th.   Not bad for only working on it for about 2 years.  (all on my flex)  But 80 Meters has a long way to go.  Need a new antenna there.   Now I need to start finding them on Phone.....

Apparently my new T-11 is bringing out the best in my 6500.  The new WNB helps too.  I have several dB noise reduction here.

Ken - NM9P
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Walt - KZ1F

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I have yet to hear them on phone. I was surprised to get them on 10 this late in the day. I got them on 12 just as the sopac opened to the east coast.
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Too bad more DXpeditions are not as prompt as E6GG.  I got them on 80,40,30,20, 17 & 15.  I wish I'd had a chance to get them on 12 before we left for the cabin.  I couldn't believe I managed to work them on 80, where I only have a half-dozen countries confirmed.  The 40m QSL leaves me with just 12 more needed there to complete all 7 single-bands 40-10, all done since getting my 6500 in December of 2013.