Thermal expansion noise on Flex 6300

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I recently started noticing an occasional ping/short crackle that sounds like thermal expansion noise in the rig (I assume PA area). I can't really localize it. It happens with high duty cycle modes like JT65. I've read where the PA transistors are very robust and rated for 100% duty cycle (not ICAS). I don't run the rig at full power, but JT65 does cause the PA to work a little. :-)

Any thoughts on whether this is something to address? 


-Jason, NK9B
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Posted 3 years ago

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Just one can not over heat, no matter what you do. Everything is well protected.
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Since most running JT-65 are using 20W or less I wouldn't think that is a problem at all.  Hope you're not running significantly more than that.  
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Howard trust your doing well.

WSJTX on the left side shows signal in DB from my QTH a minus 26DB signal can be reached typically with 30 watts.

I asked the question because I have not seen a station at -26 that can't see my signal.

My station doesn seem to do well below that reading.

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Howard... have a question. You mention "by keeping the XMT out of the red and even yellow zones on the XMT Audio Meter." I had read, here or in the books, that I only have to make sure the peak indicator doesn't turn red.

With PSK, this setting gives me about -28 to -30 dB IMD as read by my old PSK Meter. Not bad numbers. Am I running too hot? The graphic below is typical for me on JT65. Never any red but also not down in the green which, if set there, would significantly reduce my output power.

Kev K4VD
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Looking at the peak yellow it seems a bit hot

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Keep the peak indicator (max) below 0 dB for digital modes.  The image above is a little too hot as Howard eluded to.
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I try to work the really weak ones because they are usually the interesting DX.

I now have many contacts down to -29dB on JT65 which is my record low... I found that below -26dB.. I had to continually up the power until they heard me.

Playing around with FT8...I can get away with low power (under 50 W) to about -16dB but then I need to up the power to be heard.--my record low is -19dB on FT8

OTOH... I really have no idea how much power and what antennas the other guys is using... so the weak ones could be running 1W into a vertical vs my big beam.

Bottom Line.. on the various JT Modes when trying to work weak signals up the power to see if it helps.