The limitations and caveats in SmartSDR v0.15.13

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This is a Preview (beta) release of SmartSDR for Windows, which will contain incomplete or unimplemented features. Below is a summery list of the current This is a Preview (beta) release of SmartSDR for Windows, which will contain incomplete or unimplemented features. Below is a summery list of the current known issues, caveats and limitations for this version of SmartSDR:

  1. Do *not* connect any USB device into the USB ports on the FLEX-6000

  2. Any controls on the SmartSDR control panels that are grayed out are currently not implemented

  3. Remembering program settings or persistence is limited in scope

  4. Transmit is only allowed on ANT-1

  5. The antenna switching logic is not complete, so there are a variety of antenna switching actions that may result in anomalous behavior

  6. Tune Step size is fixed and mode specific.

  7. FM mode has not been implemented.

  8. The audio compressor (COMP) bar meter is not operational

  9. DIGU and DIGL have not been fully implemented. Turn off compression and the EQ before using.

  10. If using the ACC port for audio, set the audio input to LINE and click the ACC button on.

  11. Built-in Iambic CW keying is fixed at the standard 1:3 weighting and Mode B. Straight key mode is available. Memory keyer functions are not yet implemented.

  12. There is a CW leading edge overshoot when sending less than 50 WPM

  13. Hardware ALC input for amplifier exciter control is not currently implemented

  14. Hardware Remote Power On is not currently implemented

  15. FLEX-6700 support for 8 spectrum displays/slice receivers and FLEX-6500 support for 4 spectrum displays/slice receivers is not currently implemented. Only 4 and 2 spectrum displays/slice receivers respectively are currently supported

  16. The FlexControl only supports the tuning of the Active Slice receiver. None of the multi-function control buttons are currently implemented

  17. To use an external 10 MHz clock reference via the back panel input, it must be active when the radio is powered on for the radio to use it.

  18. TX Relay ports are active, but there is a timing issue if switching quickly, so CW QSK operation with an external power amplifier is not recommended at this time to ensure that you do not hot switch the amplifier. Please set the CW Delay to 300 or greater to mitigate this problem.

  19. There is transmitted RF audio distortion if the AF Input gain or the Compression level is changed while transmitting

  20. A loud “pop” can be heard if the ACG is set to OFF when transitioning from TX to RX

  21. The Compression gain slider may act erratically after being changed

  22. Compression gain values below 30 does not have a significant impact to the transmitted audio

  23. Hot switching on the TX Relay may occur after switching from CW to SSB mode

  24. There is a tone “burst” heard in the speakers when transitioning from TX to RX

  25. The Noise Blanker can cause distortion in certain circumstances

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