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the wife has told me I must chose between her and my flex,i will be sad to see her go lol
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Posted 5 years ago

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Congratulations...I am on my 4th wife...3000, 5000, 6500...contemplating a 6700.
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Tony Hateley

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get 2 lol
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Me too on 4th,
any news about sex capabilities on SSDR 2.0?
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Tony Hateley

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well it turns me on lol
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Jim Gilliam

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If it's "cracked up" as they say, better than!
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Hams don't do sex if there is a contest.
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Without the expense of the wife, you can get the 6700 or a second one if you are already there!
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( couldn't resist..)
 73, w5xz, dan
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Tony Hateley

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just great lol showed the wife shes not happy
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Confucius say "Bary nice to have wife..... but now she gone you bedda off"

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One problem with flex Radio. It's hard on marriages!.....
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When my Yaesu Quadra display died, I lived without the display. (You could just read it if you squinted)
But when the Power Supply died last week, I mentioned it to the xyl. "It's amost 20 years old, get something better."
I considered an Alpha, but ...... sent the Quadra for a Rest & Rehab trip to Ca for repairs.
She was concerned it might fail again...and said I should have bought the Alpha.

She's a keeper, going on 50 years.
And sorry guys, she doesn't have a sister.
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You must treat your wife well as she returns her love showing concern. Few women realize how important our ham radio hobby is to us. You are, indeed, blessed.


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XYL Story

My new XYL (40 years ago) moved into my city rowhouse which already had a 100' tower on its 3rd story roof (guyed to 3 neighbor's roofs) so she always assumed that Ham Radio was part of the package deal.  So she never commented on my hobby or the antenna farms on all our various houses... except to demand that I wear headphones [I still do] so she did not have to hear it...

When we moved to our latest house in La Jolla, CA, I got a permit for an 85' tower near the front entrance of our house- she again said nothing....

When the neighbors complained to the City about my LEGAL tower she offered to meet with them to try to mitigate the situation.  They had read in the local papers that I had helped out during Katrina and complained to her that I did not need such a large tower and antenna (SteppIR MonstIR) because

QUOTE "He should not be allowed to save the life of anyone outside of La Jolla" 

She immediately got up and left the meeting with the neighbors..

She came home... and said to me

QUOTE:  "Howard. Call your lawyers

... I don't care how much it costs but those BITCHES can't be allowed to win"

Needless to say she is a keeper...
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I explained to my wife how important HAM Radio is, not just a hobby but for emergency purposes, gave her a bit of history on it with a few fake love stories mixed in.... Titanic etc.

Got some HAM study books for her, helped her study and she got her Basic with Honors certificate, which allows her to operate on any band anytime.

Only problem now I can't buy the expensive radios and razzle dazzle her about the bells and whistles like I do with my airplane stuff. Happy that she is a HAM and appreciates the hobby, oh yea and me ;o)

She is a keeper too unless she starts to burn some tubes, blow some fuses and starts acting up.....will be time for an upgrade LOL.

Just to be fair and to keep her happy, I support her with her hobbies too.

Many of you might have seen this

And another funny one

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My XYL knows how cranky I get when my computers or radios don't work she BEGS me to fix them - money (almost) no object.
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I am married but I am also an off road enthusiast and a ham radio operator.  Why?  Because when the Flex gets noisy and annoying there's the audio mute icon.  And Jeeps don't mind when you look at other Jeeps.  :)
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I got my wife licenced in 1982. Now she's happy because I let her use slice#4 har har