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I noticed from the time FRS announced the new radios & linear amp back in May there has been non stop chatter on the bands about FRS’s new products. I must have heard over 100 people on the bands since then say they have a radio on order. I have a feeling that when the new products are out FLEX is going to take over the amateur radio market and be in the #1 spot.

Many of you already know the history of FRS but it is amazing what they have achieved in such a short time. FRS has completely changed the face of amateur radio, from the early days of company founder Gerald Youngblood (K5SDR) hacking away at home in the early 2000’s working to develop the first real practical modern SDR to today having major government contracts to even having their radios on the International Space Station.

I want to wish FlexRadio Systems GREAT success in 2018 and beyond!
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Posted 2 years ago

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I hope one day someone does a story on Gerald, it really is an amazing story of success. Imagine working on software in your home, then coming up with a name for it,,PSDR,,
Then all the things that has happened over the years. I bet there are many things Gerald would have done differently if had a chance, but it is clear he did a lot of things right in order to maintain a healthy business.

Now as we see other SDR ventures have sprung up giving way to competition. All trying to take Flex Radio off the top. More and more people are buying an SDR radio as they see and hear the advantages. And all this started with Gerald.
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Great observation John and even though FRS will never give you a number listening on the air and at any large ham show it's obvious what you are saying is true.

[FRS has completely changed the face of amateur radio][#1 Spot]

IQ and DAX are only two examples that no one else has touched, game changers all by themselves.
And FRS has done these and so much more very well.

This is the kind of recognition Gerald and company deserve, I too wish them well.
Great thread to start off 2018.

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And don't forget the "Radio Server/Client" concept, this alone is super revolutionary.
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The list keeps growing.
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Gerald was inducted into the CQ Amateur Hall of Fame in Xenia/Dayton in 2017 for his innovation and pioneering work in SDR.
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Thank you so much for posting this.
I watched the first video at DCC 2014.
That was great!
I've heard Gerald speak before but not to this length nor of the Flex story. Until now I had heard bits and peices mostly second hand.
It's the perfect storm, great story that you couldn't possibly make up.
If you listen closely many things become clear why this little company from Texas is destined to be #1 as John has suggested. Real talent over there.
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On the bands I either hear people loving FRS or hating it.

I have a neighbor, runs all OLD gear, like Kenwoods from the 80s.  Swears by them says they are the best and my Flex sucks.  But then when we are on and I can do some  thing he cannot do like SAM he is like "That's pretty cool".   LOL

For me DAX is amazing.  

Also the radio as a server.  I love being able to operate all over my house with my laptop.