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A few weeks ago, after rebooting my 6500, it started giving me an error message on the front panel display. I sent an e-mail to Flex quoting the error message and received a fast response from Tim that evening explaining that it needed to be sent in. Fedex delivered it and Flex notified me within one hour that they had the radio. Part of the repair needed to be done at their manufacturing facility. For Flex that’s just 2 miles away – made in the USA – thank God!

Throughout the repair process Flex kept me updated which including an e-mail on Saturday from Brent, one of their technicians. I should have the radio back tomorrow.  I’ve been discussing this repair incident on the air with some friends. Steve, K3WKM, owned a K3 and an Anan. Steve just sold the Anan explaining “too much software updating and a lack of support for less technical operators”.  After hearing how Flex handled my repair incident, and a Flex demo by WO2X,  he decided to sell the K3 and he just ordered a 6500!

Life without my Flex was like going through withdrawal. My backup TS-930 just wasn’t any fun.  On a positive note, without the radio I got lots of “honey-do” jobs done so the wife was very happy!

I just wanted to publicly thank Tim and Brent for taking a personal interest in getting my radio back to me, and keeping me updated throughout the process. Such updates definitely lessen the separation anxiety and assure the customer that your radio isn’t forgotten, sitting on the shelf.

This is one reason why I chose Flex, a second time, over Anan or the “big three”.

Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu are you reading this?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Tim, to me, is the best front man for Flex Radio Systems. If you have a genuine problem he will pursue it to the end. Kudos to Tim and FRS.
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"Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu are you reading this?"

I certainly hope not ;-)

Thanks everyone for the praise.  It is a total company culture and focus inspired by our peers and management team.  It is a customer first approach that wins every time.  I am just glad to be part of the team.
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I too can attest to the SUPERIOR customer satisfaction from FRS... I had an intermittent error message on occasion and ask about it ... They informed me the radio had to go back to FRS for repair... Turned out to be the fan on the FPGA was not moving enough air...Shipped it out on Monday from Missouri. Two days to get there... emailed that it was received... one hour later emailed what the problem was and course of action... One hour later emailed saying the radio was repaired and would be shipped.... Radio was back here in two days,,,,,in total 5 days... Shipped on Monday back on Friday...Not bad at all... Tim and everyone at FRS are top notch in my book...FRS has not only set the technology bar high, they also set the customer service bar high as well...

Thanks FRS from a loyal customer for over 6 years.... FRS NONE BETTER!!!!