Thankful to FlexRadio Systems!

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I don't ever thank any company that I have to give money to be supplied with a product.  But I have made an exception with FlexRadio!  I am a Super Tech Geek.  I am in my thirties and have been a tech geek since I was in 4th grade and they were teaching us how to program in "Basic" language on the Apple IIe (It was a Catholic school and the only time I ever touched something made by Apple, but we won't get into that, lol).  Anyway, I started talking on kiddie talkies at a young age and then moved on to CB's in my adolescence.  Then one day I found out about Ham Radio, took the test and the rest is history.  I have been a ham for 14 years and  I love the fact that I can hook up my computer to a radio and work all kinds of digital modes.  Your Flex 6000 series radios are TOP NOTCH, nobody even comes close to the work that you guys do on your radios.  These other manufacturers are so behind the times and light years behind Flex.  Look how long it took them to implement USB as apposed to serial cables, which were phased out YEARS ago.  Anyway, I believe that FlexRadio Systems listens to their customers and finds ways to innovate, innovate and continue to innovate the radio.  Most companies make a radio and that is what you get, no improvements or modifications until the radio design is 10 years old and they come out with a little bit better radio.  Anyway, keep up the good work Team Flex!  I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to purchase your products!  As long as you keep the tech and innovations coming, I will be following you in your endeavors.  73 de KØGDI
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Agreed. I've been licensed since 1966 and finally gave up all of my BA's for one 6300. I'm happily guzzling the Kool-Aide.

Flex is the Apple of ham radio.
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No no no.  Don't ruin it by associating Flex and Apple.  lol.
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I'd say Flex is a PEACH! Georgia variety!
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Mr. Youngblood gave a speech at the Flex dinner at Dayton about the requirements analysis and design steps that went into Maestro. I was floored. Power users of the kind that we want to attract to Flex radios were directly involved in specifying what the device should be and how it should work. The design was, in a word, uncompromising.

Keep telling them what you want ... they are listening. But don't forget that this is a company that needs to pay its bills and make a profit. Some decisions will be influenced by business needs.

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Flex SS was the first flex/sdr that I have purchased. I have been very satisfied w/ my 6300 and one of the key decision points in buying was FRS's dedication to their customers. I have been following the company since the 5k but waited until the SS came out to make my purchase. The two main reasons for me to finally pull the trigger were a leading edge hf rig and their proven history to address customer feedback. A true win win.