Take a look at the Pipo 8 self contained computer/ media center.

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Been looking for something for my GOTO station I am putting together, a small self contained computer whic operated off 12 volts and drew little current. This Pipo 8 was shown on Facebook being used with a Wirex with a microphone hooked to it and on the wires network with no radio. Talking to many friends I decided it would do what I wanted to do , logging program, RMS express, digital programs and handle emails through a hotspot plus surf the Internet if needed during a activation. Could store all the form messages needed for operation during a ARES activation! And just possibly being able to operate my Flex 6500 especially Mobil!

So here it is how about some of you computer experts give me your opinion. I have one ordered but want to see what you thing.

The neat thing in my GOTO station is a IC 7100 and they sorta match .

Take a look and tell me what your think!


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Posted 4 years ago

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Looks pretty cool.  I'll have to look at the specs but I'm assuming it has the horsepower to run the SDR software.
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There are a lot of version of this device, all of which are casually called the "Pipo 8."  Can you tell us, please, which specific Pipo you're considering?  Is it the Pipo X8?  The Pipo X9 seems the be the newest model and apparently runs Windows 10.

I'll assuming you're looking at the X9.

These systems use Intel Atom Z3736 "System On Chip" (Soc), which are highly integrated, use low power, but are quite slow.

In terms of graphics, this system DOES support Direct X 11... but otherwise the graphics support is *very* rudimentary.  The chip will support streaming video (for example, watching YouTube videos) given that it has integrated Codec for H.264 (and other encoding schemes) but I'd be *very* surprised if it would nicely with SSDR.  MAYBE at lower frame rates you'd be OK.

The system has only 2GB of memory, and either 32GB or 64GB of storage.  That's not much.

This SoC is really designed to be used in a low-end tablet for general Internet browsing.  I would be surprised if it proved to be a satisfying platform for SSDR.  On the other hand, the good news is that at less than $200 you can probably afford to try it and see.

I would be *very* curious to know your results, so if you DO buy this little guy, please post back here and let us know how it works.

Given that they've designed and built the Maestro, I'm sure our friends at Flex can tell us a lot about the characteristics a "little system" needs to have to run SSDR successfully.

I hope that helps,

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I have ordered it because it will do what I am buying it for and I would gladly pay double or more if it would run smart sdr even with one pan or no pan!!!! For mobile

I ordered the "8" with 64 gig and a 32 gig micro sdcard 10

I have to keep power needed to 12 volts
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I have serious doubts whether the PIPO will be able to successfully run a Flex, but it'll be interesting to see.

I have a PIPO X9 on order.  I decided to purchase it mainly because SmartSDR created a Sound/Port conflict leaving me with a choice of either running Wires-X or Flex, not both at the same time.  My plan is to use the X9 to run my DStar DVAP and Wires-X and free up my main PC for the Flex.  
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Have you see the pipo 8 with a wiresx no radio mic ,plugged into the wiresx? I have several of the yaesu with c4fm there is a dongle out there running c4fm come on flex get into the 21st century.