Support for Slice B in HRD? They don't know!

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When running Slice A and Slice B on my 6300 with Ham Radio Deluxe, HRD does not handle Slice B ... TX A and TX B are buttons in the rig control screen as is Split but they do nothing.  Logbook only reports Slice A also.  I opened a Ticket with HRD and they answered that they don't know because they don't have a 6300 to try it!  They said ask here.  
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Posted 2 years ago

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You would have to set up slice b as a second unique radio.

Ask HRD if you can run 2 copies of HRD at the same time.

Mike va3mw
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Not an HRD user here... Can you set up HRD in SO2R mode?  
If so, you may be able to do this with only one session of HRD running.  

Since the 6500 won't do FULL SO2R, it will be kind of "Enhanced SO2V" as Chris Tate calls it.  But this would get you going with two Slices managed by HRD.

I know SO2R works in N1MM+.

My usually general purpose logger - N3FJP's ACLog  - will access the rig via the API (no virtual serial ports for the main access) and will send and receive data for all 4 slices on my 6500 - whichever one is the "active" slice at the time. (But it won't do SO2R)
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HRD has a 6300 we loaned them for development and support. I'd contact them again since it is their problem to address and resolve.
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Thanks for that info.  Yes, I emailed Mike.  Thanks.  
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You have to set up Slice B as a second radio in HRD. Its why I use Log4om it works with Omini rig no problem. Maybe you can do the same with HRD and not use its program to control but send it to Ominirig and set both slices with that and have HRD follow it. not sure. never tried. 

Good luck
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HRD is not doing a very good job of handling multiple slices and most likely won't in the future.

Sad to say you might want to look into a better logger.

Like you I have been a HRD usee but it's time to explore other options.

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Do you have any inside knowledge the HRD won't support multiple slices in the future ? I have been seeing regular updates coming from from HRD so I am anticipating they will be addressing this issue in an upcoming release.
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Mike responded to my email and apparently spoke with Tim at Flex:   


After getting a contact from Tim (at Flex) and discussing it further with our Tim... I think I understand better what you're asking for.

Specifically... you want the VFO-B slice to show up in Rig Control. This was a frequent comment we got at Dayton this year... it's absolutely something we will do.

As for the Flex radios... I know we've got a Flex at Timewave because I've had my hands on it. Our Tim did say that he's got the 3000... but not a 6500... and - I'm not a "Flex guy" yet, but as I understand it - Tim was saying he didn't have a 6500 to test with SmartSDR. The 3000 uses PowerSDR.

Regardless... I'm going to get with Tim at Flex... and we'll get this VFO-B slice thing added to the To Do list for the developers. Again, because we have had a number of requests for this, it's definitely among the priorities.

Mike, WA9PIE
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Another example of how great Flexradio is, within 4 hours Tim responded to the original post and did what he said he was going to and got the developer to respond to a request with confirmation it will be worked on. So another case of the sky not falling, no need change to another logging program, just respectively ask your question. Again all this done within 4 hours, good work Tim, HRD and Dick.
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I'm some kind of confuse, What's the issue?......have HRD and Flex 6300... when I open my Logbook I see my 2 VFO

Best Regards, 73

George, YV5WZ / PY3ZZZ
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George, which version of HRD are you using?  I am using  If I have a QSO on Slice B the Add Log Entry shows the frequency of Slice A.  The TX-A, TX-B, and Split buttons in the Rig Control screen do nothing.  There is no way to display more than one frequency in the Tool Bar as shown in your image.