Succesful 6000 Power On/Standby Control on the Lan Solution with WeMo

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Applying the open collector voltage as Steve N5AC advised then a small relay means an iOS or Android app with a Belkin "WeMo" IP switch & plug pack allows me full control to put my 6000 into "Standby or On" so the gps reference keeps running. Great solution, happy camper. Small caveat until the next release is power off twice for the command to activate the stanby state, no big deal.
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Posted 5 years ago

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My connection for remote

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Nice job!!

This is another option as well for $9 US.  Weird that it is $42 in Canada.

You can plug this into your Wemo.  I was using iHome for a remote switch, but they keep going offline and they keep telling me to just unplug it and replug it to fix it.  Pretty heard to do on a remote base.

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This is what I am using, with the Lowe's Iris home automation system to provide the 120V switching, which activates the DLI. I like Lowe's Iris because it is easy to use and set up, and it will fail over to Cellular data so if there is a problem I can still power down the shack, cycle the LAN power, etc. 
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Mike, I want to set up my Flex 6500 for remote on and off. I saw your comment about using the digital loggers Bounce terminals. I already have the Digital Loggers Pro Wi-Fi Switch. It’s a Wi-Fi surge protector that can ping a device, but I don’t know how you would use that function for. I am not an engineer. Can I just buy the bounce terminal and use it with my Pro Switch. If so, how do you wire it to the flex. Any help would be appreciated.
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New 6600 owner.   After going through this thread, I decided on the following, since I'm already on the Wemo platform with other plugs:

1. The Digital relay - Enclosed AC/DC Power Relay with Protection & De-Bounce. Screw Terminals. 120V Trigger Input.
2. Wemo Mini Smart Plug
3. 6-ft RCA Male Shielded Audio Cable to Bare Wire - Heavy Duty.

I connected the black wire of the cable to the common.  Then the white cable to the always on.   

After flipping the remote power option in the Flex software, when I turn the wemo on, the relay does its thing and the radio comes on.  Turn the wemo off and the radio shuts down.

Works nicely and was about $50 and only required a philips screwdriver.
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That is a pretty good solution!  I had problems with both the Wemo and the iHome series where they would not show up offline when I was away from home at times.  That would be the exact time I need it of course.

The iHomes were the worst for me for dropping offline and the Wemo could not stay connected to my Wifi network.  I ended up tossing a bunch into electronic trash.  

I hope you find it more stable.  

For your RCA cable, no need for the heavy duty one as it draws almost no current.  Any stereo cable will work as well.

Mike va3mw