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When running my flex 6500 and SDR 1.4 on my laptop, I can get it to run with team viewer and Skype (remote). But how do I set it up to work with DAX and the SDR 1.4 software, without team viewer and Skype?

All this is new to me and gets a little confusing, need help.....


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Posted 4 years ago

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You do not need Teamviewer, Skype or DAX to use remote.

Just run SSDR 1.4 on the laptop (make sure SSDR is not connected on any other computer.)

Click on the remote button to turn on remote audio and run SSDR as usual. To transmit voice change from mic to PC.

So far, I have just been using my laptop's speakers and microphone, it works great for me  with my 6500.  Haven't had any complaints about my audio yet, only that I sound a bit different.

73..  Ken- VE5KC
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There is also a good description of how LAN Remote works in the SmartSDR for Windows Software User's Guide too.
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Are you trying to remote within your own LAN, or trying to remote it to another location over the internet?  The answer to this question will determine what you need to do.

If you are on your own LAN, you press the "REMOTE" button on the top right of your screen and it sends your audio to the "Client" computer (The one where YOU are).  If you don't have the "Remote" button pressed, the audio still goes out of the speaker where your radio is.

You then need to set your record and playback devices up in the Client Computer so that the speaker/headphone and mike that you are using, whether using the 1/8"plug, a USB device, or a Bluetooth device, are both set up as "Default" audio devices.  This way the Client computer knows where to send your RX and TX audio.  (Note, This is for phone and CW.  I have not messed with any digital modes over remote.  They are the only ones that would need to involve DAX.

If you are trying to remote from another location over the internet, you will need to set up control and audio with a third party program.  I have taken a page from Howard and others on this forum and subscribed to Parallels Access ($19.99 per year to remote to up to 5 computers from multiple devices.)  I have it loaded on my iPad Air and my new I-Phone 6.  (I haven't gotten it working on the iPhone, but I barely have the phone working itself.)

Parallels Access lets you run the 6500 on the computer in your hamshack and control it from your iPad just like you were in the shack yourself....sort of.  You need to learn a new way of doing "mouse functions."  Look at the turorial information that Howard and others have posted.  

The main mistakes I made at first were forgetting to turn on "Remote," not setting up the mike and speaker in the windows audio control panel, and forgetting to turn on the microphone in Access Parallels.  

Of course, you may still have problems if your internet service on either end of the connection is too slow or drops too many packets.  You can improve your chances by turning off the waterfall, or at least adjusting the rate, reducing your display FPS on the radio's "Display tab" on the left side of the screen, and shrinking the size of the SSDR window you are using.  Tim said that bringing it in from the sides helps a lot more than shrinking it down vertically.  This makes sense, since you are reducing the width of the panorama and waterfall, which will reduce the video bandwidth demands.

I hope this helps.  Good luck.

Ken - NM9P