Strange anomaly when using Commander, WSJT-x and SmartSDR

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The strange anomaly happens in both directions.
I'm using a Flex6K(SmartSDR), WSJT-x, and a DXLab suite component Commander.

If I qsy by selecting a different band in the WSJT-x band selector, then WSJT qsys to band of choice, SmartSDR qsys correctly to proper band mode, proper filter size, and Commander also qsy's to proper band, proper mode, proper filter size.

If I qsy by selecting a different band in the FlexRadio (SmartSDR program band selector), then WSJT-x and SmartSDR qsy to the correct frequency, mode, and filters selections.
BUT....Commander qsys instantly, mode, band, filter size, but the VFO A display in Commander momentarily displays the correct frequency, but reverts to a display of ".00". Everything works properly, except the VFO-A display in Commander which briefly did show the correct frequency but changed to .00

WSJT-x will continue to work properly in all respects, it decodes, logs, displays other qsos with that call, their bands, and modes.
The only obvious anomaly is that Commander's vfo is displaying .00 for frequency in the VFO-A display while SmartSDR's vfo is correct, it has lost the filter width and DIGU (or USB) choice indicator.

If I qsy by selecting a different band in the Commander Frequency choices, then band, modes selection, and filter choice is correct and now Commander's vfo-a properly displays the correct frequency, Mode selection, and filter width selection.

Reversing the band change direction by Selecting Comander first: works correctly as to Band choice, the filter remains the same, but does NOT highlight the 5.0K filter in the SmartSDR display allthought the 5.0 filter remains in use. and WSJT-x also correctly qsys, band filter width and mode remail correct

Now still in reverse from above I select in SmartSDR a different band to 40 meters, again all elements qsy correctly, again Commander briefly displays the correct frequency, then reverts to .00 in VFOA, and SMARTSDR looses it's filter and correct mode designations.

And WSJT-x now while it has qsyed to the correct frequency now shows the Frequency display in orange numbers on a red background (which is normally a 'wrong frequency' display color combo.

So in my system, a change initiated by SmartSDR to the other two elements, Commander and or WSJT-x result in some errors. Either incorrect or no data being passed through.

None of these anomalies result in the inability to continue making qsos and correctly logging same to DXKeeper.

As this seems to not effect other modes, my feeling is that SmartSDR is passing on band-frequency-filter width data properly properly when that info comes from or to WSJT-x

Now my first question is: Is there anyone working WSJT-x with a Flex Radio and utilizing DXLab logging?
If anyone is, do you have the symptoms I've described?

If so please contact me

Basically....while it is all working, Signals are decoded, Signals are transmitted, and qso's are being logged, some of the displayed qso details are not displayed correctly.

So before I start tearing into the system, is there any other operators running DXLabs Suite, a Flex SmartSDR, and WSJT-x seeing these anomalies?

pse et 73 de Bill, W9OL

ps: JT modes using a Flex is amazing. working and copying perfectly, stations I cannot hear in the speaker, see in the waterfall or be aware of in any way except seeing the message print out is sort of spooky but magical at the same time. I've made a few ESP qsos in my time, but this takes ESP to a new level.

If you haven't tried WSJT modes, jump's addictive.


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