steppir and 6 meters

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Anyone using the 3 element steppir with 40/30 option on 6 meters.  The reason I ask is I can not get swr to go below about 2.5 

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Posted 2 months ago

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Hi Roger

Send element home. Do you have the added element for 6m. If you do than there is a change in your setup on the 100

If any questions my email is good on Qrz

ke2yc, Larry
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I had the same issue, and had questioned SteppIR about their settings, but did not hear back from them.  For instance, if you use the extra "passive" element, their manual says to make it 112" and this would be for use around 50.0 through 50.4.   But, if you type in the FT8 freq for 6M into a calculator, you will find that the Driven element should be 112."    So, in my opinion, their passive element director must be too long at 112."

If you want to get the lowest possible SWR on 6m, you should be able to get it  under 1.3 by doing the following:   

Go to Create/Modify in the setup routine of the SDA100 controller. Make sure you have your controller already on the desired frequency in 6M (ie. 50.313).    Bring all elements home manually.  They wont go to zero, i think about 4 inches is home.  

Now bring the driven element out to about 105" and adjust +/1 until you find the lowest SWR.  Then bring out the Reflector, and then the Director.  When you have adjusted all elements, dont forget to save your new settings.

I think I get about 1.04 or so on my DB18E doing this.   When i find the time, I will check this out with EzNec.

Hope this helps.


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GM3SEK has modelled this: Optimize Your SteppIR 3-Element Yagi for 6m. Hope that helps you?

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Thanks for the link.  If I lived in England I would buy the parts and give it a try.


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I chased a problem like this for a long time.  Everything else was fine, but I could not tune 6M on a 3EL Steppir but with no 40M kit.

Months later, I changed out the patch cable from the radio to the Amp, which was about 70" or RG8X and the problem went away.

Just a thought.

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roger na4rr

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no amp in line.  Radio straight to antenna.
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roger na4rr

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I added 112 element from a 6m antenna that I have.  Now the steppir will tune to 1.04 in create/mod.  So the stock antenna does not really cover 6m as advertised.