SSDR v1.4 - critical issues resolved

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Hello everyone - 

I have had two major concerns since purchasing my SS6700, namely core DSP performance (quantity and quality of baseband audio demodulated from received signals) and stability (erosion of performance over time). I'm happy to report that both areas of concern have improved dramatically: the radio "hears" much better and I don't have to reboot the radio to transmit after running the radio for a couple of days.

I'm not oblivious to the issues that some are reporting here, but I think that it's obvious that major code changes were made and this isn't uncommon with this scope of change to the code. I'm sure these will be sorted in a timely manner...

I think it bears repeating: I prefer a development path that prioritizes core capabilities over feature growth. Congratulations, and my thanks, to the FRS development team.

Best regards,

Mike - N8MSA
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Posted 4 years ago

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Let me second that:  Priority = core capabilities over features.  Anyone not aligned to that might be happier with a 'standard brand' and less anxiety.  One understands that 8 receivers may require an occasional aspirin!


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Of course, Alex, the opposite could be said, "Standard brands" already have core functionality, SDR is all about 'go where no man has gone before' therefore, perhaps the 'standard brands' are best suited for the 'just give me a radio that has a working <fill in the blank>' camp.

Way too much "if you don't <feel like me>  about <fill in the blank> maybe you don't deserve the radio. Why don't we just all stipulate those of us that bought a 6000 knew what we bought. Should someone subsequently decide they made the wrong purchase given their goals, that is a personal matter than should never be met with "PAH, you didn't deserve it anyway" attitude. I am certain core features that could be enhanced are on the list of things for FRS to address.
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Yep, the stability of 1.4 is great, definitely at the top of my "Yay!" list. With a close second being remote audio. :)