SSDR -- left/right cursor to change frequency

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Just an idea -- it would be great to have the left and right cursor buttons on a keyboard adjust the frequency down/up one step -- similar to what happens when a 'scroll up/down' interrupt is received from the mouse.
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Posted 2 years ago

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may be able to do that with FR stacks in hot key selections
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Or you could use this program.

I use it to start up the entire station and load all the software programs. 

John K3MA
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Right on, Don!

Such a simple and intuitive suggestion!  It was one of the first things I tried to do when I started with SSDR.  I was surprised when it wasn't there.  I get that there are possible workarounds as others have suggested, but I think it should be part of the "standard" interface in SSDR.  Same for the other slider controls.  Highlight them with the mouse or tab to them, then use the left/right keys for adjustment.  This type of navigation and adjustment of sliders is common in other software interfaces.

73, Tony K4QE
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Yes! Using the left/right keyboard buttons to adjust frequency steps would be terrific in SSDR. Why not have the up/down keyboard buttons adjust volume up/down? Although 3rd party apps may be possible, frequency and volume adjustment belong in SSDR. These are practical improvements which enhance good ergonomics and efficient operating, especially when using only a laptop and mouse. Thanks for your suggestion Don, it gets my thumbs up. 

73, John AK4Z
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How about letting us set a key map to the functions WE want them set to?
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The mouse wheel currently adjusts frequency similar to what you are asking for.  I can see the desire to have a keyboard interface too.  I should mention that the right way to do this is to adjust frequency up/down by the currently set tuning step.

I decided to take someone's older idea of using a cheap DJ controller, you know those things with the turntables, sliders, and buttons and write a program to control the flex using that.

I initially did it for fun, now I'm finding I really like controlling the radio that way!

I used to mostly be a 1 pan, 1 slice guy.  Rarely I'd open another and fiddle around.   But with this DJ controller I just setup a 4 pan, 4 slice profile because the DJ controller makes it very easy to toggle around and adjust each slice and pan.

This is not to day I'm not supporting your idea...  Personally, if I was in charge of SmartSDR I would add a number of things:

1) A "user preferences" place where you could define hot keys and what they did
2) For the things hot keys can do I would add the ability to make a network call.  This way you could have a hotkey for example that brought up in a browser.  This could also open the door for other shack specific controls (like turning things on/off via network power switches).