SSDR auto-start single radio?

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  • (Edited) there a flag or something hidden in SSDR config files that will make it automatically open my one and only (default) radio?    Why is it necessary select a radio when there is clearly only one found on the network?

Yes I know some lucky people might have more than one radio, in which case they must select which radio, but the rest of us don't need this unnecessary step.

I have 7 apps, all of which open automatically and run without intervention. I even have a little app which forces them all to remember window size and positions. I have wired the pins on the back of the F6k to auto-power up too, thus bypassing the soft-power button, but still I need to click a pointless menu.

A flag would be good, a config menu switch to pre-select a default radio would be even better. A small ask but a big PITA.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Love it, Jay. HiHi
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I have never found selecting so challenging.
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Or offer the option to identify a default radio or a priority setting of each radio. In addition an option on each radio to autostart (connect) them or not. This way even those with multiple radios could take advantage of a single step process to connecting to the radio(s).
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i think one of the reasons is that you need to be able to select the radio to upgrade when running a later release (or downgrade as the urge hits).

There could be options for this however, such as if you have autoselecct specified but are running a different version than the one currently installed on the radio that then the select screen is mandatory.

I do agree its a very small annoyance but I do agree with Steve!
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Give AutoIT a try. It's an automation tool commonly used by IT pros to automate Windows mouse and keyboard tasks. You should be able to use it to select the radio and press the Connect button.

Hope that's helpful.

(Still waiting on my new call sign)
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If anyone, is interested in doing this with AutoIt, and has installed AutoIt, I will share a link to my AutoIt script, (with instructions for using it), that does this, via email. My email address is good on QRZ.
I've been starting SmartSDR this way, all along. 
I started using AutoIt with PowerSDR when I bought my SDR1000. 
I also use Autoit, with every other application I use in my typical ham session.
It can start them, position them, and close them all, when I'm done. Usually just one click to start them, and one click to close them.  
Works great! 


73, Jay - NO5J

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This would be a helpful addition to SmartSDR.

Following up it would be nice to have s connect-like-last-time option in SmartSDR for Maestro to zip through the startup.


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It ́s true for the Maestro interface too.
Would be nice to skip this silly thing.
The Software can bring-up the dialogue, if a new version for download is available.
Perhaps a short delay for user interaction to change something other as default will be helpful.
Must have in v1.9 ;-)

73, Ruediger, DH1RK
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This step like several should be able to be bypassed, Memory should also be ONE click..... Having a Cadillac with out power steering is a bummer.  Did I mention no squelch.

But is great that we can finally disconnect other radio from was well overdue.
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Official Response
This is feature request #179 in our database.At this time it has not been scheduled for inclusion in a release of SmartSDR for Windows.
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What about squelch... number ?
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I have answered your question previously.
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Not number on list tim
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Feature #1315
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In the meantime have you tried FRStack's SSB/AM meter level mute? Just curious what modes do you use squelch with?
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It has been explained to him how he can do it as many do.

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