SSDR 2.4.9 DAX RX level issues

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The DAX RX levels for 2.4.9 are causing problems with FT8 decoding. The slightest change causes decoding to stop. It's very inconsistent.

I like the color meter and ability to minimize the panadapters but unfortunately I had to revert to 2.3.9 where the RX level are more stable. In 2.3.9 they're a set and forget. In 2.4.9 I have to constantly change them which I don't like.

I'm going to have to skip this version and wait for the next and see if it's any better. Until then it's back to 2.3.9

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Pat - "Same as it ever was" here, no trouble with WSJT-X so far (fingers crossed).

I have WNB, NB, NR, & ANF all set to zero, although I did have to goose the gain up a little. Not sure if that's preferred, but it seems to work for me. Also using a large fairly quiet horizontal loop for an antenna mostly on 80-20m. Also made a few contacts on 160 - which were my first ever FT8 for that band. Good luck !

Jim, WQ2H
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Please check  your DAX settings. I have a stable RX signal here, same as in 2.3.9.

As you can see, my RX for the slice I use for WSJT-X is set at 20, which roughly corresponds to
30dB on my WSJT-X meter. I use a TX gain of 50, which seems to work with all my programs (DM780, fldigi, WSJT-X, RMSexpress...)

BTW I think it would be a good idea to include DAX settings into profiles, as I need a
minimum RX setting of 50 to get fldigi and HRD DM780 to record signals. This way you could set a profile for WSJT-X, another one for DM780 and so on...

Be careful to set your DAX RX not to exceed 30dB on the WSJT meter scale with no antenna (only noise present)! You can also read this recommendation on the popup window, if you hover youir mouse over the WSJT-X meter.

Hope this helps, Vy 73, Alex - DH2ID 

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I have all of that set up correctly. I am also seeing a greatly reduced audio quality in received CW signals with 2.4.9 - Tried both versions receiving the same CW  op, same antenna, same settings and 2.3.9 is much better. Whatever they tinkered with for RX is not working for me. Perhaps it's because I'm using Windows 8.1

I wonder if they test the changes for all versions of Windows that this is designed to work with or are they just testing with the latest version of 10?