Squelch for All Modes?

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With the advent of 1.4 and FM being added to the 6000 series, I assume that squelch will be offered.  My hope is that the squelch function will not be limited to FM mode only. Squelch is a very handy tool to reduce listening fatigue over long periods, no matter what mode in operation.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I rebooted the PC and the squelch sliders work now.  Thanks again.

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It quite often bugs me how some people really pine for something, like squelch, are treated by others who say they don't need it and done use it if they had it.

If some people want it, they want it. We all operate our radios differently and I would say that we could all learn something from others about how they operate theirs.
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I used Squelch often enough on my 5000 (and it was an existing embedded feature) that I expected it to be included in SSDR. Oftem while sitting in the shack doing other work and waiting for a net to start or listening to a local repeater or waiting for a sched to come up I would utilize the squelch. Do I use it every day? No! Could is use FRS stack? yes! But it's like a Merida of other features you only use once in a while, but when you need it, you WANT IT!
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Yes I am one of the ones that never use it, but it could be useful for others. I think what bothers me is the tone used by some when things don't happen as fast as they like. Comparing the Flex to a $30.00 radio and all cheap radios have them, and it would be easy to do? when have they done code for SSDR lately? Really? I'm sure Flex knows some want it, just go with the flow....
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Like Bill I too react to the tone of the request rather than its content.

Like I said, while I do not use squelch there is probably a use case for it. That is important to some people. It may even be a deal killer, however if they bought a 6000 knowing it did not have all mode squelch then it likely was not such a killer as they make it out to be. Sort of like those people who buy houses next to airports and then complain about the noise.

However I also gauge the priority of a request by the number of Likes it has.
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I think Flex does pay attention to the 'Likes'.

There was a marshmallow-throwing session(s) about RTTY filters, and after the people who were interested in having one voted a Like - Flex came along with a very nice RTTY Rx filter. (still waiting for FSK, but hey - I can wait)

Hams can see that baby steps are used to measure programming - just look at all the versions of other popular software, some come out every few months, some every few days.

So there is hope for this type of product design business model, and for those who want squelch, Vote up a LIKE.   Want something else - Post it and ask for Likes.

Oh dear - way too early for a pint . . . time to throw the coffee pot in the fire to boil . . .

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Oh dear - way too early for a pint

It is never too early for a pint, <ggg>.
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I know this is an old topic but I just thought I would let folks know that there is now a better work around.

Mark/AA3RK produces a piece of software called FRStack.  It is a great utility that gives you a lot of control over slices, memories, and a bunch of other features.  It even gives you the ability to swap slices.  A while back Mark added what he calls a "poor man's squelch".  It can be found on the "Radios" tab with the title "Meter Level Mute".  Originally it only worked on SSB but recently Mark has enabled it for all modes.

This isn't a perfect solution but it actually works pretty good.    I can now have 8 slices open - a couple on digital, a couple on SSB net frequencies and one on a CW frequency.   There is perfect silence until the squelch is broken.  NICE!!!!!

Another great feature FRStack gives us is the ability to scan frequencies in memory banks.  You can configure a slice to scan several frequencies.  When a signal breaks the squelch level, it will stop and then carry on when the squelch closes.  I love this feature for 2 meters.  I can scan 2m SSB or a few repeater frequencies.   I also use it for 6 meters while waiting for band openings.  I have it scanning the most popular SSB frequencies at the lower end of 6m.  I can be on 20m working someone or listening to a net and when the squelch breaks on one of the other frequencies I now have the volume set high enough on that slice to clearly hear it.

I patiently waiting for Flex to implement a true multi-mode squelch feature but until that happens, FRStack seems to be a great work around.
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How do we get this to rise to the top?  It seems desired features are not systematically surveyed.  It all seems to hap hazard to rise to the level of user input or marketing research.
Perhaps there is a survey or polling section here and I haven't found it.
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The last comment Flex made about this is that it is planned.
Maybe it will show up in a V2 release soon.

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