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Hello,with the release of the new 1.1 release , things are much improved, but I would like to draw the attention of the staff development of some of my points of view that I hope will be shared by the community ;

1 - it's all very nice, great to have , in my case with the 6500 , 4 panadapter , but I find it very inconvenient to have to set the DAX and the program accordingly for digital operations SPLIT , separate each time the DAX 1 DAX2 etc. , it would be interesting to have a DAX function on the same shared panadapter operations TX / RX SPLIT .

2 - I'd like to have the opportunity to perform in one CLICK to ZOOM on a specific slice and pre-set frequency where is the SLICE

3 - it would be nice to have the ability to move at will control panels on the right

4 - if a function like amazing CWSkimmer was implemented directly in panadapter , this would simplify things a lot of us users and reduce the number of applications to use

5 - with Flex -5000 we used to be able to use in the second RX RX RX antenna here at this convenience has been removed, I hope it is not a hardware limitation

these are just a few points I would not elaborate further , the hope is that the staff consider these points in order to make the experience SmartSDR even more amazing than it already is !
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Posted 6 years ago

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#4 CW Skimmer integration

Francesco - yes I would really like to see this.  See the link below.  The idea was submitted about 3 months ago and has 10 votes so far.   Add your votes and comments to move it up the list.

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I like it Al.  Just as the CW Skimmer paints a bandmap along the bottom of your screenshot, I would add the ability to paint a bandmap along the top using data from a DX Cluster.
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As I read these suggestions, I realise that every single user has a different perspective of what he or she wants in their Flex radio. Thus, for the software developers, they need to tread a thin line between giving us something everyone wants, and something that only a few want, or leaving us, to set up our station as we like it to be.
For myself, I am finding the timeline of improvements to SmartSDR is intuitively correct and it suits my needs. But I appreciate that your mileage may vary.
Last weekend's early present was quickly installed and greatly appreciated.
Brian VK7RR/4
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I would like to see the ability to use the RX and TX EQ on any particular DAX channel.  The reason is that I use a wireless headset via DAX channel 1 and at the present time, I have no ability to customize the audio using the TX/RX EQ.   Each DAX channel should have the ability to toggle it on or off.

Is this were we make suggestions or is there a more formal place?

Norm - KL7RS
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I think your suggestion is excellent! I wished the same thing. Also, it would be very nice if a slice could be configured to the same DAX as another. That way, I could monitor various frequencies using the same software to drive my speaker/headset. As it stands now I have to use multiple instances of third party software to accomplish this. It seems the Flex series is much much to reliant on third party software. I hope this usage is temporary.

Jim, K6QE

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I'm pretty sure that CW Skimmer or something like it will be incorporated in SSDR when FRS starts charging for the software. To incorporate it they will most likely have to pay someone some royalties for the code. That feature is probably a year away.