Snap and how to do fine-grained tuning adjustments

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I think the answer is probably "not yet", but is there a way to snap to useful frequencies, where "useful" could be 'round numbers', or perhaps in the future even the detected edge of signals.

Right now, dragging the receive slice around with the mouse is pretty hit and miss. Most people tune to frequencies that are on round numbers (of course what that actually means in terms of significant figures depends on the band). If would be nice to be able to do a 'snapping' drag by holding the shift key while dragging, for instance. Maybe other meta keys could do other kinds of snap. The simple drag (no meta keys) should probably always be the finest-grained - though even then I wonder whether there should be a limited effect at the least significant places of the frequency depending on zoom level.

Irrespective of drag snap, if I do land at a position that's not quite on the desired frequency, how do I do a fine-grained 'jog' of the tuned frequency? At the moment it seems like you really have to use zoom a lot to scrub across a band in a coarse grained way, then get zoomed in to do fine grained adjustments. Am I missing something?

I see that you can currently select digits in the frequency display on a slice and therefore that getting rid of least significant figures can be achieved by selecting them and hitting 'delete' - though I've noticed SmartSDR doesn't scan the number correctly if you leave a trailing decimal point.
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All great points. As a computer guy, I'm sure you can appreciate that half of the battle is deciding what to do (design) and the other half is doing it (coding). We're very adept in the latter, but sometimes the former can elude us. What we need is a clever way to do what you suggest that works well for everyone. Perhaps we should have a series of snap options (snap to nearest 1, 10, 100, 200...Hz, snap to signal, etc) that you can turn on and off or enable/disable with a meta key as you suggest.

As far as close-in scrubbing, I think the FlexControl is a good way to do this if you like using a knob. Today, we also do not have a "gesture" or method for scrubbing with a mouse other than using the wheel over the 1Hz frequency (for those that have not heard this term, it is essentially fine grained adjustments and I've heard this term used in video playback for moving forward and backward frames at a time).

A "snap to signal" with XIT turned on would be a great way to hunt-and-pounce CW signals. Just snap to the next carrier and call (XIT would be your offset to them so you are not always transmitting right on the other signal).

For my personal taste, when I'm going to transmit first, I prefer to transmit on an even frequency boundary because I think it helps others tune me in (on sideband -- on CW I just don't think it matters at all). I also look at the dial when I tune someone else in and if they are close, I assume they are on frequency and I move to the even boundary ... which is sometimes not right because they might actually be off frequency because of their radio.

I agree that there should be a way/ways to do what you suggest. I'm looking for good ideas! My recommendation is to post an idea for this as a new idea. The ideas that make it to the top of the list in terms of votes by others are the things we will look at doing first.