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FlexRadio Systems is pleased to announce the availability of SmartSDR v1.1.3.  SmartSDR v1.1.3 for both the FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6700 is a primarily a maintenance release to correct defects discovered in v1.1 since its release.  In addition to these defect fixes, there are also some new features including:

Adjustment control on CW Audio Peaking Filter.  This control allows for adjustment of the audio peaking filter sharpness to suit different operating preferences.

Selectable averaging algorithm in panadapter.  Two panadapter averaging methods are now available: a traditional average as well as a weighted average that emphasizes signals rising out of the noise floor.  The method is not user selectable by panadapter.

The ability to show one of three messages in the display of your FLEX-6000.  You may now choose to show your callsign, a name that indicates the function of the radio or the model number of the radio in the display.

Tune step and step size now implemented by mode.  Selectable tuning step now occurs by mode and can be enabled for the FlexControl as well as drag and click tuning in the panadapter.  This feature enables rapid tuning to frequencies that are multiples of your step size using existing tuning methods.

For the details on all of the changes in this release, it is recommended that you read the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Release Notes (also packaged with the release).

The SmartSDR Software Users Guide v1.1.2 is also available for download from the FlexRadio web site downloads page. It contains the latest updates for SmartSDR v1.1.3.  In addition, you may want to consult the FLEX-6000 Hardware Reference Manual v1.1.2, which has also been updated.

This version of SmartSDR for Windows contains an updated version of SmartSDR CAT which will need to be installed after SmartSDR v1.1.3 has been installed. 

Installing SmartSDR for Windows no longer installs SmartSDR CAT automatically due to a virtual com port driver dependency that requires SmartSDR CAT to be uninstalled and the PC rebooted before a SmartSDR CAT can be installed. If you have previously installed SmartSDR CAT, please follow the instructions in the release notes for first uninstalling the previous version before installing SmartSDR CAT, detailed below and in the release notes. 

There are several sub-procedures described below that are outlined in greater detail in the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Release Notes. Make sure you review the Release Notes before updating the FLEX-6000 radio software and SmartSDR CAT. 

Upgrading SmartSDR for Windows 

1.) Shut down SmartSDR for Windows if running.
2.) If SmartSDR CAT is running, close it too
3.) Power cycle the FLEX-6000 by pressing the front panel power button, waiting several seconds and then pressing it again to reboot the radio. Wait until the radio has finished booting before continuing. 
4.) Run the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Installer (see bottom of post for link)
5.) At the end of the installation process, display the release notes (A PDF reader is required) and run SmartSDR for Windows. 
6.) You should see your FLEX-6000 in the chooser indicating that an upgrade is required. If you have never done a FLEX-6000 software upgrade, you may what to review the FLEX-6000 Upgrade procedure on page 7 in the Release Notes which can be also found in the Windows Start Menu -> FlexRadio Systems -> SmartSDR v1.1.3 -> Release Notes folder.
7.) After the FLEX-6000 software has upgraded, you should see the radio in the SmartSDR Radio Chooser indicating it is "Available". If after 5 minutes or so and you do not see the radio become "Available" (the yellow Update bar will have completely traversed to the right hand side), power off the radio using the Power button and power it back on. 
8.) You can now run SmartSDR v1.1.3

Upgrading SmartSDR CAT

1.) If SmartSDR for Windows is running, shut it down now. 
2.) Follow the procedure "Uninstalling SmartSDR CAT" starting on page 7 in the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Release Notes. Make sure to reboot the PC when done (this is very important). 
3.) Follow the procedure "Installing SmartSDR CAT" starting on page 8 in the SmartSDR v1.1.3 Release Notes. 
4.) Start SmartSDR CAT by selecting the SmartSDR CAT program from the Windows Start Menu -> FlexRadio Systems program folder 
5.) If needed, configure the virtual com ports as per the SmartSDR CAT documentation 

Release Specific Information 

Please review the Known Issues, Caveats and Limitations section in the SmartSDR for Windows Release Notes on page 5 for a comprehensive listing of release specific information regarding the operation of your FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDR. 

Where to Download SmartSDR v1.1.3

SmartSDR v1.1.3 is a large download. It is approximately 80 MB in size. You can download SmartSDR for Windows from: 

SmartSDR_v1.1.3 Installer 

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