SmartSDR Preview Release 0.13.10 is available for download

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SmartSDR v0.13.10 is now available for download for use with your FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 Signature Series SDR.

Please follow the upgrade procedure below as there is a new version of SmartSDR CAT included with SmartSDR for Windows v0.13.10. Installing SmartSDR for Windows no longer installs SmartSDR CAT automatically due to a virtual com port driver dependency that requires SmartSDR CAT to be uninstalled and the PC rebooted before a new SmartSDR CAT can be installed. Therefore please follow the upgrade procedure listed below to ensure a trouble free upgrade to the latest version of SmartSDR for Windows.

If additional information is needed, several of the procedures described below are outlined in greater detail in the SmartSDR v0.13.10 Release Notes. After installing SmartSDR for Windows on your PC, make sure you review the Release Notes before updating the FLEX-6000 radio software and SmartSDR CAT.

Upgrading SmartSDR for Windows Procedure

1.) Shut down SmartSDR v0.12.17.
2.) If SmartSDR CAT is running, close it too.
3.) Power cycle the FLEX-6000 by pressing the front panel power button, waiting several seconds and then pressing it again to reboot the radio. Wait until the radio has finished booting before continuing.
4.) Run the SmartSDR v0.13.10 Installer. (SmartSDR_v0.13.10_Installer.exe)
5.) At the end of the installation process, display the release notes (A PDF reader is required) and run SmartSDR for Windows.
6.) You should see your FLEX-6000 in the chooser indicating that an upgrade is required. If you have never done a FLEX-6000 software upgrade, you may what to review the FLEX-6000 Upgrade procedure on page 7 in the Release Notes which can be also found in the Start Menu -> FlexRadio Systems -> SmartSDR v0.13.10 -> Release Notes folder.
7.) After the FLEX-6000 software has upgraded, you should see the radio in the SmartSDR Radio Chooser indicating it is "Available". You can now run SmartSDR v0.13.10

NOTE: It is recommended that you uninstall any previous versions of SmartSDR for Windows after installing a new version since older versions will not be synchronized with the FLEX-6000 radio software which may lead to unexpected behavior.

Upgrading SmartSDR CAT

1.) If SmartSDR for Windows is running, shut it down now.
2.) Follow the procedure "Uninstalling SmartSDR CAT" starting on page 8 in the SmartSDR v0.13.10 Release Notes. Make sure to reboot the PC when done (this step is very important).
3.) Follow the procedure "Installing SmartSDR CAT" starting on page 9 in the SmartSDR v0.13.10 Release Notes.
4.) Start SmartSDR CAT by selecting the SmartSDR CAT program from the Start Menu -> FlexRadio Systems program folder
5.) If needed, configure the virtual com ports as per the SmartSDR CAT documentation (

Where to Download SmartSDR v0.13.10

SmartSDR for Windows v0.13.10 is a large download. It is approximately 82MB in size. You can download SmartSDR for Windows from:

New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Below is a list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes in SmartSDR v0.13.10

* Multiple DSP and codec optimizations and improvements
* Fixed a defect in initial input gain slider value
* Fixed a defect in the initial AGC Threshold calculation
* Fixed TX control panel resizing defect
* The RX/TX EQ 8k control has been hidden until fixed
* Tool Tips added for Equalizer and CW Transmit control panel
* Modified default TX EQ setting for optimal use with the FHM-1 Microphone
* Fixed a defect where the band button stayed illuminated after selection and slice creation
* Added a feature that prevents slice control panels of two adjacent slice receivers from overlapping
* Transmit limits by entity/country for regulatory compliance has been added
* Fixed a defect that would crash SmartSDR if the CW RX filter upper frequency value was set to the maximum
* Fixed defect where ATU did not switch to Bypass Mode when changing frequency outside of the tuned range
* Fixed a defect where the SWR meter would incorrectly show maximum scale
* Fixed audio high frequency aliasing artifacts (distortion) on RX and TX
* Added capability to set transmit limits for national and regional regulatory compliance
* Fixed several defects that would result in program crash if radio resource was not available
* Added a feature where a pop-up message is displayed if the radio hardware and the client lose connectivity.
* Fixed a defect where EQ frequency values were off slightly.
* Added a new feature that displays dBm values for the S meter when you mouse over the meter
* Fixed a defect where the 2m band button was displayed on the FLEX-6500
* Fixed a defect where the RX-B antenna option was visible on the FLEX-6500
* Fixed several GUI formatting defects.
* Fixed a defect that would result in multiple frequency labels being displayed at certain zoom levels.
* Fixed a defect where the radio was off frequency after changing modes
* Modified support link to use the FlexRadio Community (

SmartSDR CAT has been upgraded to version 1.1.3
* CAT: High CPU defect has been fixed
* CAT: Modified CAT Commands for FLEX-6000 specific operation
* CAT: Kenwood AI command added
* CAT: Several User interface modifications for greater readability
* CAT: Fixed display localization issues with non-US Windows operating systems
* CAT: Added Multiple virtual serial port capability
* CAT: Added Serial port PTT capability
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