SmartSDR & FlexRadio 6X00 - Retraining the operator

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To really utilize the full capabilities that FlexRadio has delivered to us in the Flex-6000 series and SmartSDR requires an open mind and a willingness to learn new tricks.

When I created the K6TU Control iPad app, I had to re-learn and re-train myself to think about using the app for control of the radio and not reach for the mouse.

I got another lesson in the "operator upgrade" process yesterday when operating on 6m...

Here's a post on my blog that I hope you will find useful and thought provoking.

Please leave any comments or further ideas for operator re-training here!
Stu K6TU

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Posted 4 years ago

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Nicely written.
When the various log, Digi mode, and radio interface programmers all get onboard with the API ethernet interfacing, things will be much easier.  I am constantly changing to another frequency on a different slice, only to remember that my logging program doesn't follow along.  But I have used this program for about 15 years and it is going to be hard to shift to another one without significant retraining!  I need to do it when I have a week without contests, DXing, W1AW/p chasing, or anything else that is computer interface intensive so I can learn without pressure to perform!  (When is that ever going to happen?)
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Hi Stu - Yes, the "I don't need to do that anymore" experience comes built-in to the 6000 series, doesn't it? After a year, I am just starting to get comfortable with adding slices and panadapters and panning audio left, right, and to DAX for different things. Operator OS upgrade taking time! Between keeping track of Windows, Mac OS, and my brain OS, I could use some more capacity between the ears, too.

But I'd never go back to an old-fashioned radio!

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I used to do the same thing you did.  However, several weeks back KF2T wrote a little blur  in the forum, how he operate the 6500 radio using several slice.

I gave it a try and in the beginning it was rather awkward and hard to get used to.  Now I use my mouse to add slices or do things that the FlexControl knob is not capable of doing yet.

I find that watching three or four slices at the same time gives me an advantage. Seeing the activities that are taking place on any particular band or portion there of.

I find it very useful in 6 meter. I'm an old ham but a newbie to 6 meter.  Operating with several slice open has given me the advantage of operating CW, SSB and Digital mode (JT65/9) at a moment notice: Taking advantage of those rare momentary openings.

Last week opening provided me several new countries in South America and 12 new States in one day on JT65.

Overall the FlexControl and the mouse are an advantage getter that others may want to try.