SmartSDR v1.7.30 Band Edge Markers

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I miss the band edge markers I had in PSDR. Are there any plans to implement this feature in SSDR? This is a minor problem but it would be helpful when I'm tuning around quickly, especially in the WARC bands. Tnx - Robert
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Are there any plans to implement this feature in SSDR? 

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A few observations on possibilities of for "band edge markers".:

The use of TNF is a great work around, and I'll be trying it.

I'm glad Tim has confirmed markers are anticipated for the future. Here are a few brainstormed possibilities:

These should include settings for each class of license and mode.

60 meters markings were quite helpful in Power SDR.

Markers for each of the various countries using Flex.

Other more subtle matters concern power settings and issues regarding locations.

Alerting regarding signal width spreading beyond the band edge, LSB, USB, CW envelope, etc. could be incorporated.

Perhaps a clean Interface for the user to design her own is the way to go, at least initially.

Visual clues such as cross hatching, colors, balloons with text (user inserted too), and even audio could be incorporated.

Things that could also be included would be a means of marking the sub-bands established by general agreement rather than by law.

The whole idea is to make it more certain to not only meet the regulations but also to keep specialized areas free of QRM.

I've been a ham for 63 years, most as Extra Class, so I've seen a lot of changes. It's not a matter of people being lazy or ignorant of these details; it's a matter of assisting the best operating possible.

The great thing about Flex is the almost limitless potential for such improvements.

Perhaps someone will use the APIs available and provide a finished add on. 
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Wow! I use the band edge markers in the IOS version SSDR comstantly. I cant believe that this topic has been kicking arounf for a year ot more to get some into windows Smartsdr.The math involved cant be that bad... Come on developers!!!!!
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It is on a wish where it lands on the implementing list not known.
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I think this has been asked for before.
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Tim - thanks.

I know this one is trivial but it is a nice little feature.
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I was at the 2016 Dayton Flex Dinner and asked the same question on a 3x5 card (group questions) but it was not answered at the time.   But it was looked at by the President.    So I wonder why.

Rick, K1RJZ
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No point in asking if anybody has 'plans' to do anything.
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Hopefully FRS has "plans" for 60m channel markers too?
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I hope so!  I liked being able to just click the 60 meter band button on PowerSDR to be able to jump between the channels.
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I think most things have been asked about by now, and Flex has noted them. They have a mandate to follow and peck away on the list.
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I know it takes a minute or two but you can create tnf at band edges, 10hz width is enough, and then save them (right click SAVE and it turns green) They are persistent through power off. Until we get them in smartsdr it works for me.
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That was the first thing I thought of when I read that question.  Seems like a quick easy fix until something more permanent is implemented.  Perhaps something like a red edge marker similar to the green TNF that the user could place to mark band edges for their situation both geographically (for international users) and as it might pertain to their license class. allowing each user to place them where they see fit.
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To take this one step further, forget about band edges and just add some display options to each memory. Color, flag type, and hash pattern come to mind. On the screen they would look much like a TNF... Hover with the mouse to get the name to pop up. Click to edit would be icing on the cake.
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Yip, you could color code them for what you can or do do with that band portion. Stay away....CW only....voice only....     Then lock them in place until you want to change them.  Shouldn't be too hard, just a modified version of the TNF marker with color options that would allow you to adjust the width of the marker to fit your need.  I love the idea of a pop-up showing what that marker is intended for, though that is an extra step beyond. And a button to turn off all the noise we've created with our customized bars.  Baby steps toward heaven.  We can hope. lol
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There are lots doing that now. It works well also.
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I was about to post this as an idea, until I found this thread.  I took the liberty of editing a screenshot into what I think is a simple and elegant solution.  The small red line I drew in is  unobtrusive and would add minimal clutter to the screen, while still clearly showing band edges.   Just my 2 cents worth!


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FRstacks has band edge beeping as an option. It's not visual but it's hard to miss.


#FlexRadio IRC chat

  73, Jay - NO5J

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They already exist in SmartSDR for iOS.


I just put Permanent TNF at the Band edges that are visible on the screen.
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Great idea! Thanks.

Robert AA6UP
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The only problem with setting up TNF markers for band edges,(which I have done) is the occasionally I get in a hurry and click&drag the screen and accidentally drag my marker instead. But it is easily "repaired." In fact, SSDR-iOS has a feature that lets you easily edit the frequency of TNF filters.
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If you tell SmartSDR to Remember the TNF, SSDR will lock the TRF into place and won't let you accidentally drag it or change it.

It would be great if one could pick various colors for the TNF.  Red for band edge, yellow for local birdies, etc.