SmartSDR v1.4.11 ?

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After SmartSDR  v1.4.3 ... why is this update called SmartSDR  v1.4.11 ?

Are we going down in the next release to SmartSDR  v1.3.3 ?   :)

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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
Here's the canonical answer since this has been asked a few times:  All of our releases have a 4-number release version that looks like "vA.B.C.D".  Here's what the numbers mean:

A: Major version number
B: Minor version number
C: Internal release sequence
D: Build number

A & B are use primarily for marketing purposes to help customers understand the changes in the software.  A jump in the major version number signifies major changes in the software while a jump in the minor version number signifies more minor changes.

While we are working on a release, C is incremented every time we release any software outside of the building.  This way we always know what a customer has in their hands if they give us "vA.B.C".  Every release we make to the Alpha team or when we do a Beta or General release will have a new vA.B.C release identifier.

D is incremented automatically by our build server.  Anytime a developer checks in any code, this number is incremented and the entire suite of software is rebuilt with a new unique vA.B.C.D sequence.  This helps us internally keep track of software floating around our building.  The D number really doesn't mean anything externally -- it is essentially redundant.  For any A.B.C combination that a customer has, there is a corresponding D which is always the same.

Incidentally, we would typically have released v1.4.11 as v1.5.  After we publicly stated that v1.5 would have the noise mitigation advances, we realized that we could release any new work incrementally over time without holding everything until we were done.  We felt like releasing these incremental pieces as v1.5, v1.6 would generate a lot of "wait, are they done?" discussion so to bypass this, we decided to just release as v1.4.x until we feel we have made the progress we set out to make.  This way you get the features and advances as we have them ready.  Of course noise mitigation will go on forever.  Just because we release v1.5 doesn't mean we'll never incorporate any new techniques we develop/learn.

Hope this helps.