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FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v1.11.12 for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs.  SmartSDR v1.11.12 is a General Availability (GA) release containing feature enhancements and fixes for previously identified software defects.

SmartSDR 1.11.12 contains new software for SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR CAT and DAX.  SmartSDR for Windows, which includes SmartSDR CAT and DAX, can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems web site. Please download and review the SmartSDR v1.11.12 Release Notes and SmartSDR for Maestro Release Notes and prior to installing SmartSDR v1.11.12 to ensure an optimal software installation experience.

The following highlights are SmartSDR specific features:
  • Improved Dynamic Range for FLEX-6300: The IMD dynamic range performance of the FLEX-6300 has been improved in this release by a software modification.  This change benefits all FLEX-6300s.
  • Additional RF Preamp Gain for FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6700R: An additional +10 dB of RF preamp gain has been enabled in the FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6700R.  When operating on higher frequency bands where the antenna is not noise limited (a low noise floor), you can enable up to +40 dB of RF gain.  Please refer to the HelpDesk article How to determine the amount of RF Preamp gain to apply for band conditions for configuring the RF preamp for maximum SNR performance.
  • New TURFs: New region/entity specific TURF files have been added for IARU Region 2 and Australia (Update #4529 and #4951).
  • New FlexVSP driver: A new and updated FlexVSP driver (v1.0.5) used with SmartSDR CAT is included in SmartSDR v1.11.12.  The driver installs automatically.  This virtual serial port driver has better performance and stability characteristics than the previous version, especially when used on Windows 10. This updated FlexVSP driver also corrects an existing defect #4394, Serial Ports left "in use" when CAT is shut down. After installing SmartSDR v1.11.12, you will have to manually reset and clear any com ports currently in use by using the HelpDesk procedure Removing "In Use" Com Ports for Available Com Ports (LINK)
  • Maestro: X/RIT Readouts Added:   When using XIT or RIT the offset frequency is shown on the display (Feature #4353).
  • New metering sidebar for Maestro:   A new feature has been added to Maestro that provides a user definable metering side bar that will always show RF Power output, SWR, Mic Level, Compression, and hardware ALC voltage levels.  The new metering side bar is activated by tapping the “Meters>” menu control at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (Feature #3087).
  • Corrected Maestro Disconnect Issues:   Multiple disconnect issues have been addressed in SmartSDR v1.11.12, including disconnects related to connection state when using a WiFi  connection, too many clients connections were left in an open state, and client-side out of memory errors  (Defects #4566, #4305, #4428, #4731) 
  • Maestro: Issue with RF Preamp Not Being Set Properly Resolved:   A defect that prevented the RF preamp form properly setting the RF preamp has been resolved (Defect #4676)
  • Support for the new Maestro hardware (feature #5160)

The cumulative SmartSDR v1.11.12 Change Log detail is listed below.

v1.11.12 2017-9-7
General Release of SmartSDR for Windows and SmartSDR for Maestro

#5202   CAT: Removed unneeded auto-connect menu items
#5118   Fixed a 20m frequency range error in the Australia TURF

v1.11.11 RC 2017-9-5
#5198   Fixed issue with upgrading a radio that was previously licensed for v2

v1.11.10 RC 2017-8-31
#5193   Fixed radio connections issues with CAT and DAX

v1.11.9 RC 2017-8-30
#2473   API: Now must subscribe to TNF messages (with 'sub tnf all' or IsTNFSubscribed in FlexLib) in order receive them
#5160   Maestro: Changes to support new display hardware
#5188   CAT: Fixed CAT.settings file issue with hostnames that begin with numbers
#4951 Add new Australian region to TURF
#4870 IMD DR3 Performance enhancements for FLEX-6300
#2497 Fix spur on 6M
#4847 Rapid band changes no longer show duplicate slices
#4910 Fix UHE on CAT exit
#4904 UHE on forced disconnect
#4902 Fix UHE related to ModeList
#4867 Fix UHE related to disconnect in RadioChooser
#4879 SmartSDR: Fix no profile list or TX settings in TX panel
#4892 Fix VOX level being lost on reboot
#4595 CAT: Avoid creating COM ports that are reserved
#4848 Fix memory leak when changing global profiles
#4831 Fix CW Delay being reset to 0 after update
#4825 FlexLib: API zip file no longer needs extra steps to compile after decompressing
#4777 Fix pan edge tuning with FlexControl after profile load
#4688 Add CAT and radio support for streaming panadapter data to N1MM
#4772 Add 6M NF improvement by adding +40dB preamp setting for 6700 and 6700R
#4789 Maestro: Fix network status bars
#4769 Add slice button no longer defaults to USB all the time
#4625 Mic Profile load correctly sets up Mic Input 
#4779 Maestro: Radio chooser entry text no longer overlaps with long FQDNs
#4767 Added headphone volume control to FlexControl
#4771 Maestro: Slice menu is now automatically closed when the ENT button is pressed
#4353 Maestro: Add XIT/RIT readouts when in use
#4394 CAT: VSP driver updated to v5.5.5.0 (should fix the serial ports 'in-use' problem)
#4798 Fixed radio crash
#4687 SmartLink: Fix distortion on transmit audio
#4747 Maestro: Fix CW issue that would disable Maestro CW
#4625 Profiles: Fix several instances of profiles showing up modified when they weren't and incorrect MIC input on startup
#4780 Remote TX audio buffering improvements
#3087 Maestro: Add "METERS" sidebar button
#4762 Maestro:  Fixed a bug where more than two slices could appear
#4781 Maestro: Added "Switch Radio" button that takes the user back to the radio chooser window (Menu -> Radio)
#4708 API: Fix meter conversion based on software version
#4731 Maestro: Fix out of memory on client disconnect
#4724 Fix disconnect of client by other client (no longer hangs on 'in-use')
#1075 RemoteAudio: Handle out of order packets
#4655 Fix FlexControl not working on startup
#4676 Fix Maestro preamp control not working
#4675 Fix Maestro LEDs
#4410 Fixed XVTR Power Persistence
#4312 TX Watchdog added to ensure radio goes back to RX if a crash is encountered while transmitting
#4428 Fixed crash due to many clients connecting and disconnecting (just under 200) 
#4334 Updates show Unable to contact radio message after updating the radio
#4305 Fixed Maestro disconnect during upgrade over Wifi
#4305 Initial PowerGenius XLTM Functionality
#4412 FPS Now loaded from persistence on direct frequency band change
#4335 Fix transmit slice references in FlexLib
#4433 Fix zoom buttons in SmartSDR
#4470 Radio protocol version now v1.3.0.0 
#4486 TX Filter no longer cuts off TUNE tone in DIGU/L and USB/LSB
#4511 Fixed issue with opening the profile import/export form if the old import filepath no longer exists
#4507 Fixed a rare UHE that occurs when the radio is disconnecting
#1008 Meters now support the change in voltage depending on radio version
#4172 CWX: Closing a slice while sending CWX no longer leaves radio in keyed state
#4512 RTTY: Tune no longer gets cut off by TX Filter 
#4544 Sideband Suppression: Implement low-cut dependent filter sharpness to fix suppression when low cut is below 200Hz 
#4533 TUNE now works properly in USB/LSB/DIGU/DIGL when CWL is selected
#4547 CWX: Radio no longer stays keyed when erasing the last character
#4542 CWX: 'cwx erase' no longer triggers a 'cwx clear' from CAT 
#4529 Added IARU Region 2
#4540 DSTAR no longer shows up in cable type in SmartSDR
#2563 First band change to XVTR band now creates slice on correct frequency (instead of LO)
#1570 RFGain Persistent across antenna changes
#4482 RFGain Persistent when changing TX Slice (affected SO2R )
#4245 Can now use DAX and Remote TX Audio (Maestro) with VOX at the same time. (DAX Overwrites if audio is present)
#2910 CAT:  Improved resiliency of client settings when the PC reboots
#4575 CAT:  Fixed ZZSW1 not working properly
#4565 Fixed a UHE related to the FlexControl
#4566 Fixed several connect/disconnect issues with clients
#4583 API: 'remote_audio' replies with correct responses instead of 'unknown'
#4589 API: Persistence loads from 'client gui' command instead of 'client udpport ' command
#4585 USB: SO2R TX Antenna fixes (BCD does not drop out when TX slice changes)
#4597 CAT: Fixed problem with CAT split mode
#4113 VOX: Fix intermittent key when VOX is used with DAX
#4586 Fix crash with client disconnect
#3641 Remote Audio: Upgrade OPUS Codec - 10% Less CPU Usage
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