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Here's an idea:  If they can run Steam on Chromebook, maybe SmartSDR could run there as well.  Just stirring the pot to see what's cooking in there.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Like the idea, however given that most chromebook devices have processing power far more limited than Pentium based devices one might find themselves limited in capability.  I'm all for it though.

My only frustration would be the association with google products, software and hardware, and their loosely worded end user license agreements providing them with free reign to probe your home and work networks not to mention the collection of metadata about products you connect to your computer, stored data, software and computer usage habits.  But that has nothing to do with the real topic...  (Bad, Mystery Ham... Bad Bad Bad...)

Then again, do you really want your Google ad ID associated with high-end electronic products on your network and later become a theft target because of a Google data breach?    (Bad, Bad, Bad Mystery Ham)
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I run ChrUbuntu on my Chromebook, and it runs very well indeed. As for Net tracking, it is happening no matter what you are using. A possible semi exception is using Tor, but that just gets a different group interested in what you are doing. Win10 is a telemetry clearing house. Back to the subject,  I suspect that the manner in which SmartSDR and the 6XXX series is implemented that a Chromebook has ample power. My abandoned W10 computer was a core 2 duo, and it never missed a beat with SmartSDR other than update problems killing it. Now I'm on either W7 or OS X for my Flex. Both rock solid. W10, not so much.