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Ok I read through some of the post and questions about getting an Ipad to connect with your radio, and the most specific to my issue is the question from  Mark

As I read it; it seems that I have bought an Ipad that I can not use!!!!! as the 6400 that I bought from a 7 was or is already tied to his Apple-ID and apparently not transferable or releasable.  Also as I understand it I will have to pay Flex $60.00 to be able to use the Ipad with a New Currant Radio that has a currant and up-to date license.  Some how this just doesn't seem right! 

That was more of an opening statement that a question.  The question is am I stuck with an Ipad that I cant use or is there a way around this type of depockle with the IOS App.
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iPad software is controlled by Apple.  Any iPad software must go through Apple, get reviewed and approved.  This is a big advantage for iPad owners as Apple software is generally very clean and free from bad stuff.  In any case, this is not a situation that Flex can change.   Most iPads cost hundreds of dollars, so spending a few bucks for the Flex IOS app seems OK.  I just spent a month traveling in Europe and only used the iPad IOS app to access my Flex at home and it worked flawlessly every time.  The software is worth the money.   You mentioned that the 6400 you bought is tied to his Apple ID.  I would disagree.  Apple does not care what hardware you use.  I bought a used 6500 and bought the IOS app and all works fine.
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The responses in this link:
will explain the whole thing. You are not paying Flex for the iOS software. It entirely separate, and the money goes to Apple, with a cut going to the app developer in Germany.

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.... and SSDR 2.x is fixed to one Hardware device, SSDR-IOS is fixed to a USER (Apple account) = a user can use multiple Ipad or Iphone or ...

If you sell your Flex6 hardware you sell your SSDR lic. but not your SSDR-IOS

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Thanks Chris; I am assuming that once downloaded to a device it can't be released by an original receiver ( person ) as no longer in use or needed by that person.  Being totally new at Apple stuff and not actually a fan of Apple it is confusing to me any way :)   I just wanted to see how it works and play with having the radio display with me around here while wondering around the house while on the air in the mornings.  I do that any way with a wireless headset but wanted the info with me.  I just hate that one has to pay for what is advertised as a free app.  Which is actually true the app is free but to use it it cost a good bit ( $60.00 is considerable to some )