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I have been running 1.0.2 for a couple of weeks and was generally happy with it.  I had a few comments but decided to hold them for the new release which I just loaded.  So here goes.

Question first:
1.  On my iphone 6 I can only get the receive audio to come out of the earpiece. My main use is for monitoring so I was wanting the audio to come out of the speaker as is used in the speaker phone function of the phone.  Any way to do this?

2. I reported this as a problem but bring it up here to see how you all handle it.  I find it a problem switching back and forth from the phone to the PC because of the speaker settings.  If you don't turn things down before you end the IOS program and start up the PC software you get blown ouit of the room.  The problem I reported was if your VPN connection drops then you get speaker volume at the radio full blast on occasion.  Not every time.  My speaker system doesn't have a hardware volume control but I may have to add one.

Things I noticed in the few minutes I played with the new version.

1.  Sometimes the software comes up with the speaker icon x'd out.  This means the audio is playing out through the speakers.  Not good.  It should always come up with the default to the ios device to avoid the other issue I spoke of.

2. At first my volume was not loud.  I went into the settings and turned the soft volume down and back up and it raised the volume.  I was able to do this several times.

3. In the tools menu if you display the meters that are all messed up meaning you can't read the display.  The numbers are covered up by text.

4. If you change the size of the flag it won't change until you stop and restart the program.

5. I don't like not being able to flip my phone sideways.  The scope is too narrow in the vertical position. 

Anyway, my main intent of this post was to get an answer to my questions above.  The problems I am seeing could be on my end but I thought I would throw them out here also.


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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Guys,

thanks for your feedback.

Here are my comments:

1.) Rate and FPS limit

I added the limit for the Slow NET setting. So once you would set the NET setting to something else, you will be able to change Rate and FPS to any value. However, if that turned out to be a problem for you, I have just created a data update which will remove this behavior. So just head to settings and "Check for Data update" and this is gone.

2.) Finding the device (@Mark)

If your iOS device doesn't find your radio instantly and your Mac App does, there is most likely something wrong with your WiFi (or VPN) connection. Yes, using a fixed IP (which is now even possible for the radio) will work around this issue but it is not normal and you may want to further investigate this WiFI issue. In addition, there are a couple of suggestions (including the fixed IP suggestion) in the manual in chapter Common Issues.

3.) Speaker Icon x'ed out

The Radio remembers your last setting and the App just regards this setting. So if you previously switched back to remote audio and start the App again, it will remain on remote audio. This is the same behavior like SmartSDR for windows. If the majority of you uses prefer my App to ignore this behavior, I am happy to change this. I could also add a setting for this on whether or not to regard the Radio in this respect but I don't like the inflation of settings to be honest.

4.) Flag size changing

I filed your finding as bug. However, I was under the assumption that this general setting is something you set once to your liking and don't change it from time to time. This is probably less the case as the small slice flags now also display the frequency.

5.) Meter values messed up on iPhone

Thanks for this, filed as bug.

6.) Main Audio only on ear speaker

This can be changed on your end. There is an according option in iOS Control center which can be slided in from the bottom. At the bottom, it usually says "iPhone" and you can change this to "iPhone Speaker".

However, as this setting doesn't remain set when you close the App you have to change this setting every time you start SmartSDR for iOS.

I will add a setting for this in the App in the next version.

7.) Speaker volume when disconnecting

Is anyone else seeing this as an issue ? To change this behavior, I would have to do things different to SmartSDR for Windows which I don't really like if not really necessary. So please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you all.

Vy 73,