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Hi All,

Does anyone have any hands on review type comments about the paid version? I have seen some complaints about VPN usage and complaints about the demo voice being choppy and things like that but I am specifically interested in hearing some opinions of those using it in straight LAN mode.

I am particularly interested in hearing if anyone has used it on an iPad Mini. I also am really curious about what you use for a microphone! Maybe I missed something somewhere but I haven't seen anyone explaining how you actually make a contact.

Thanks in advance. I know that too often we only post things when we have a complaint. Those of us who are quietly enjoying something do not feel the need to post anything. But I think a lot of us come hear to hear about others good experiences as well! I know this announcement came t me as a complete surprise, and being the happy owner of multiple iOS devices, I am looking forward to hearing some news.

Brian - K6BPM

And, BTW - you cannot log in here using Safari. If you are going to attract Apple users, you should fix this.

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Brian - K6BPM

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Brian ,

Have it running fine on a 2013 iPad Mini pre fingerprint scanner version,on Wireless lan, live audio is not choppy 

My only issue is TX antenna switching is not working on my 6500 , have already confirmed this is the case but everything else is working fine, 

And yes it is not possible to log in here via Safari using Chrome.

Have not tried using the iPad mic , well I did but drive seemed very low still using the microphone plugged in to the Flex mainly use it for monitoring the bands when elsewhere in the house.

Also use it instead of switching on the PC. Have it on the iPhone6 but screen bit small

Also works fine on IOS 10 Beta 

Cliff VK2NP
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Very pleased with performance in my LAN using iPad Air, Pro, and iPhone 6. iPad Pro works best, as you might imagine. Still learning to maneuver the touch interface. Now, who will come up with a digital mode interface? ;-)
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Safari working a-okay here from an iMac, a Win7 box , this iPad and a iPhone 6e.

Wonder what is hampering your setup?


Steve K9ZW
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Phil m0vse

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I am using the built-in mic on my iPhone 6s and it works great, you do have to manually select it though. At first I thought that the mic level was very low but it turns out that the BAL mac was still selected, once I selected iPhone, the level was perfect at about 50%.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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I have it on an iPad Pro and a 6+

Works great. Have several hundred Q's during alpha testing
Works great on LAN and 4G. Usable but choppy on 3G

I used the following mikes with good results

Built-in mikes

Bluetooth mikes - car and headsets

Apple ear buds

I mainly use Vox except when using built-in mikes then PTT

I do not like CW but made a few Q during testing. Painful but then I hate CW so any CW is painful.

I have NO monetary interest in the product but I really am enthusiastic about it

I guess I need to talk Marcus into making a prettier demo.
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Peter K1PGV, Elmer

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A better demo that showcases both the Flex radio and the app features in a better light would be good. Or just wait for enough folks to post videos of actual usage and get rid of the demo altogether. But I agree with the posts in the other thread that the current demo isn't great, and isn't going to help sell the product.

To avoid App Store bloat, perhaps there could be an option within the app to download a demo? I have no idea of that kind of thing is allowed by Apple.

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Peter K1PGV, Elmer

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I'm sorry to follow my previous post with another post, but I just bough this app and I wanted to share a few observations.

Overall, it's VERY good. It worked immediately out of the box for me, and I spent some time this morning "reading the mail" on 20m phone. A very satisfying experience in my iPad Mini 4. I have yet to make a QSO with it... So, my observations are strictly based on using the app in receive-only mode.

The audio is excellent... Nothing at all like the demo. The display is crisp and clear... It's not a giant PC monitor, but it's damn good.

The controls are all reasonably well designed and accessible.

So.... Definitely recommend. As a professional software developer, I'm impressed with the quality of the app. It does not feel like a V1 release. Bravo to the author.

Now.... That doesn't mean I don't have some requests or recommendations. I have a few. They are:

1) There really should b a time-limited demo that connects to a user's radio. Yes, it's "only" US$50... But In erms of App Store purchases that's "big bucks" and it's a leap of faith to fork over for something you cant even try.

2) I think the tuning options should be improved. I'd like to see "vertical drag" (dragging downward or upward on the face of the pan adapter) tune down and up, respectively. If the author really hates this idea, perhaps making the "tuning wheel" that's presently located in th slice dialog always resident in the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen that currently has the time, settings, etc. While the current tuning options aren't BAD, they're definitely not optimal for me... tuning up or down 100 is something I tend to do a lot. I hate listening to off-frequency audio. And I find the drag to tune a bit "touchy" on the Mini's screen.

3) Advice to users running this app: Remeber to close anything else running in the background. While listening on 20m today, the app went silent and the pan stopped for an excruciating 5 seconds. Why? A new mail message was arriving! I'm not attempting to throw shade on the app for this, it's just something folks should b aware of. No problem if you're just "tuning around" but if I had been in QSO at that point I would have been, ah, "surprised."

Again... A very satisfying experience, and a great addition to the Flex family.

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KM6CQ - Dan

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I have a old original ipad mini I decided to try it on. It is a little sluggish but works very well. I am very pleased with it. On the 6 plus it is very quick. Here is a low tech video I just shot this morning.

73,   Dan 
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I just downloaded and installed the app. I have to say I am very impressed with how well this works and emulates the appearance of SmartSDR. That really helps with the learning curve. I had a test-run QSO on 40 meters and got nice audio reports using just the iPad built-in mic.
I do wish that the PTT button was larger, or maybe selectable size, and that I could select push-on push-off as well as momentary contact. I will try to send the author a request. I think this will cut into the sales of the Maestro.
73 de Arnie W8DU
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Brian - K6BPM

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Thanks everybody for the feedback here. I purchased it about an hour ago and I would say that I am pretty much blown away, and I don't blow away easily. As a professional software developer for the last 30 years, I tend to be skeptical of new titles and generally have low expectations. 

But wow! For a 1.x release, this is exceptionally well done. For a 3.x release it would be exceptionally well done! I expected a somewhat crippled version of the Windows version, but not so. This is totally usable. It has great audio and would be even better with a BT speaker. 

My iOS device of choice is my iPad Mini 3 w/fingerprint sensor. SmartSDR for iOS works perfectly. I can easily see this as becoming my goto radio application and this might justify getting a 12" iPad Pro for me. I can see using a stylus with this for finer control, and this may get me to pull the trigger.

I am one of those people who could afford a Maestro, but still can't really justify the expense because it is a single purpose device and I don't think I would use it that much. But for fifty bucks, this app is a game changer. I can tune in and listen to a net and still spend time watching TV with my XYL! This is exactly what I would have wished for. I *will* use this!

Flex was very wise to support the developer on this. This is going to set yet another new standard in amateur radio transceivers. The cool part is that this is very complete NOW. We can only expect further improvements and enhancements.

I would urge everybody who has a fairly recent supported iOS device to go ahead and buy this app. If you like SmartSDR, you will not be disappointed. I think this is going to fuel a lot of new Flex 6000 series purchases. 

I do a lot of digital, and it is probably a matter of time until we start seeing some digital support. 

Don't worry about the poor demo. Just go buy it*.

* I am not affiliated with the developer or FlexRadio in any way.


Brian - K6BPM
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Michael Coslo

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I'm using Safari right now to post this Brian, and have been for a long time - what is the problem you are having?
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John W9KXQ

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I am also using Safari.  I have a Macbook Air and I have used Safari since this Flex Community was first out.

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I purchased this right away, and am glad I did. Everything, including working through the Softether VPN works smoothly (tried it this morning while away from home). I am severely limited on data here, so I cannot spend a lot of time running VPN remote (be sure to turn off DAX and DAXIQ as this saves data).  but it is being used frequently on the LAN. I find myself using this more than the SmartSDR computer. One request, please make CWX capable of sending real time key stroked CW as I prefer that mode.

I purchased DX Cluster along with the app. This shows the spots on the display, but tapping a call does not cause the frequency to jump to the spot frequency. Should it?