SmartSDR API create a Panadapter Question

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This code snippet:
               Panadapter pan = _radio.CreatePanadapter(new System.Windows.Size(0,0));

creates a new panadapter that SSDR successfully instantiates with a slice.  I can hear audio from the slice, but there's no band data displayed for the new pan AND right-clicking on the new pan in SSDR does not do anything.

When I look at the size field in other pans through the debugger I see value (0,0), but wonder if I need to create the pan differently?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Today I don't believe you can create a panadapter for another display.  In other words, when you issue that command SmartSDR assumes it is your program that wants the panadapter.  Today only a single client creating panadapters is supported.  So you can control items from another display and you can create items for your own display, you just can't create a display for another client.
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Need to separate SmartSDR the client and SmartSDR the radio...

What Steve didn't mention is that if a non SmartSDR client creates a pan adaptor on the radio, the SmartSDR client GUI will display a non-active pan adaptor from the resulting status message that gets sent.

This is a bug which I reported quite some time back...

The SmartSDR client should ignore status messages about pan adaptor creation with a status handle other than its own.

The radio only sends VITA encoded data to the client which created the pan adaptor as Steve says.

Its highly desirable to have different modes of operation for pan adaptors...

- Mirror, to allow the same pan to be rendered on multiple clients
- Independent, to allow multi GUI clients to share one radio

All future enhancement requests...
Stu K6TU
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Thanks!  Explains what I see and I'll rip out the create pan code.  If "mirror" mode gets implemented it would be nice to have a few settable attribute fields that SSDR-the-Client paints.