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Another good install for SmartSDR with 2.4.9 though there was a slight weird thing that initially happened.  After Flex 6400 SmartSDR install and cold reboot (and reboot for Windows 10 too) I started SmartSDR ... and 2 Log in windows came up.  Never seen that before.  One had a settings icon on the bottom otherwise they were identical.  After several times starting and closing 2.4.9 the second login window went away.  

Anyhow, all seems to be working well so far.  Wish I could say the same for propagation hihi.  If only the programmers at Flex could include a sunspot generator function :-)

---Gary WB8ROL
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Posted 2 years ago

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The sunspot generator will be included in version 2024.4.9! This is not on the current planned release cycle yet. My personal choice would be to be able to define the parameters of each per-programmed "button" on the RX Panel and link that to a TX Profile or MIC Profile.
-- Mitch AE2A
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It crashed for me and I had a crash trying to revert to the previous version but I will try it again after the CQ WW RTTY contest this weekend.
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The two log-in windows were an anomaly here also. I found that after the update I had to reset the options in the settings. All is well with 2.4.9 on 6600M so far. As far as prop goes - 80m (phone & digital) has been like a freeway at rush hour here in the evenings. Good luck !

Jim, WQ2H

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Can someone take a screenshot of what the "two log-in windows" looks like?  I suspect that this may just be the radio selection screen that pops up for all 3 applications (SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR CAT, and DAX).  If this is the case, while the radio chooser for each of these looks similar, note the logo near the top as it should clearly define which application it is for.

Also note that CAT and DAX both should automatically connect to the last radio used once one is selected.  This should help reduce this issue going forward.
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Eric, after the upgrade I had I think three panels pop up all clearly saying what they were for. After sellecting all of them once I now have the SSDR connect panel and the DAX panel pops up on the screen after pressing the SSDR icon

Yes the cat and dax connect automaticly
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Well, had the DAX start up window, just canceled it and proceeded with the firmware upgrade. After which I did the cold restart. No extra windows after the SmartSDR and radio reboots. Prior to the install, I did a complete uninstall of SmartSDR. No further multi window startups have occurred.