SmartSDR v2.4.9 Getting Better with each update!

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Aside from the great new features such as:

DAX is Supported When Using SmartLink

USB Cables Adds new CAT Commands

DefaultMic Profiles added for Inrad Microphones

TNF Remove All Option Added

Multicolored S Meter

Too me the items in the Change log are even more impressive!

The cumulative SmartSDR v2.4.9 Change Log detail is listed below.

v2.4.9 (2018-11-14)
General Release of SmartSDR for Windows and SmartSDR for Maestro
v2.4.8 RC (2018-11-10)
#6611 Fixed an issue with CWX that would cause CW timing issues (hesitations and delays in the sidetone and RF)
#6615 6400M/6600M: Fixed an issue that could cause the radio to not boot up properly (3 red blinks)
v2.4.7 Alpha (2018-08-31)
#6494 CAT: Fixed a UHE when creating ports using FlexVSP
#6298 Changed preset filters for CW, USB, and LSB
v2.4.6 Alpha (2018-08-27)
#6295 CAT: Added custom Name label field for each CAT port, and other UI improvements
#6574 Maestro/M: Fixed a UHE when opening a second Panadapter with Spots
#6527 Maestro/M: Fixed meter persistence issue where VFOA meter was not restored correctly.  Improved Amplifier meter persistence.
#6184 Maestro/M: Automatic reconnect logic is now more resilient
#6541 Added 'TNF Remove All' option. SSDR: right-click TNF button in lower-left.  Maestro/M: Press/hold TNF button in Slice menu
#6055 SSDR Tune Guides: Mouse cursor now changes back to the arrow when the mouse enters the Slice Flag from the sides
#6499 Spots: Now showing the total number of spots in the Spots Settings window
#6402 6400M/6600M Front Speaker is now unmuted by default for new radios
#6268 Created default mic profiles for Inrad mics
#6215 Default Mic/TX profiles are now properly associated with Global Profiles
#5032 Tune on a band edge now works properly (important for 60m)
v2.4.5 Alpha (2018-08-17)
#6564 Fixed issues with using MON through DAX
#5313 SSDR: Popped out Panadapter windows now have Minimize/Maximize/Restore/Close buttons in the upper-right corner
#6243 Maestro: RIT/XIT settings are no longer cleared when tuning the Slice frequency.
#6423 Maestro/M: Local sidetone is now properly set on startup (no need to toggle Sidetone off and back on)
#6556 TX Slice can now be switched while transmitting (should remove hangups in SO2R)
#5815 Radio now reports that it is updating to all clients through discovery ('Updating...' status will appear for the radio)
v2.4.4 Alpha (2018-08-13)
#6572 CAT: Fixed a UHE when a radio gets added/removed on the network
#6566 SSDR: Fixed tooltips for 'Mute local audio when remote'
v2.4.3 Alpha (2018-08-10)
#6451 Spots: Added ability to change background color in the API.  Added ability to override background color in Spots Settings.
#6306 Maestro/M: Can now clear ATU memories by touch/holding the "ATU MEM" button in the TX menu
#4397 Added option to mute local audio (from radio) when using PC audio.  (Radio Setup --> RX in SSDR.  Audio menu in Maestro)
#6451 Radio chooser now shows whether or not a radio has Internet access when hovering over a radio.  (Info button in Maestro)
#6546 6400M/6600M: Changed 'Connect' button to say 'Operate' to avoid confusion
#6525 CAT/DAX: The selected radio shown at the top of the window now properly shows long radio nicknames
#6534 PGXL temperature meter in SmartSDR now has 50C and 80C markings
#6511 DAX: Can now use SmartLink.  Reduced bandwidth of DAX RX, TX, Mic audio streams.
#6538 DAX: Control panel now always autosizes based on expanded/collapsed sections
#6474 Added 160m and 6m segments to Zoom to Segment feature
#6382 USB Cables: Added 3 CAT commands (MD, RX, TX) to support ACOM600s and Tuner 04AT
#6520 API: Duplicate meter data is no longer sent to clients
#6419 SmartSDR: TX Faults now update the TUNE button status (no longer stays blue when there is a fault)
#6531 6400M/6600M: QSK disabled when the ATU is inline to prevent loss in RX signal
#6303 Spots API: now preventing firing of duplicate events when a spot gets added
#6512 Spots: Incoming spots that match the frequency and callsign of an existing spot now updates the existing spot (no duplicates)
v2.4.2 Alpha (2018-07-25)
#6508 SSDR: Added radio Nickname next to version at the bottom of SmartSDR
#6510 DAX: Closing confirmation dialog box no longer appears when closing the radio chooser without a radio selection
#6504 Autoconnect SmartLink' no longer set to True by default in CAT and DAX.  Minor rearrangements to 'Settings' dropdown
#6506 Added radio autoconnect settings to the radio chooser for CAT/DAX (in addition to the CAT/DAX applications)
#2899 SSDR: Double-clicking the scrollbar area in the Profile Manager no longer loads the selected profile
#4713 SSDR: Added option to disconnect the radio and go back to the radio chooser (Settings --> Choose Radio...")
#6323 S meter is now colored green --> yellow --> red in SmartSDR and Maestro.
#6515 Fixed an issue that could cause a network disconnect on startup when the radio has a large number of spots
v2.4.1 Alpha (2018-07-18)
#4867 DAX: Added radio chooser
#6467 Fixed anomalies in CW sidetone
#5845 SmartSDR: Software version number is now shown at the bottom
#5931 SmartSDR: Tune Guides now display exact frequencies to 1 Hz
#6385 SmartSDR: Slice Flag letter now renders properly when the near the right edge of the screen
#1718 SmartSDR: Profile Manager list now expands to the vertical size of the window to accommodate long lists
#6495 Advanced network options are no longer accessible while using SmartLink
#6430 Fixed UHE when tuning Slice after applying memory
#6485 RF Power no longer goes above the Max Power level when specified
#5115 Radio no longer appears to stay "In-Use" after disconnecting via SmartLink
#6350 Memory form now stores longer XVTR frequencies correctly
#6458 PGXL: Hovering over AMP icon in SmartSDR (touch-hold in Maestro) now shows the amp's IP address
#6488 PGXL: SWR meter now goes from 1.2 to 3.0

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Posted 2 years ago

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Craig Williams

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Thanks. I was looking for the complete list.
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James Whiteway

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And no fix for the ANF.
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We got it james...
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Agreed John... I started in around release 14 and additions / improvements and bug fixes have made a lot of progress.
The update on Win10 went smooth, no issues. 

 k3Tim / 7
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confirm of intial post - SW works well !
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I finished the update to v2.4.9 this morning (6600m) on Win10 - took 5 minutes with no trouble at all. Thanks again to the Flex team for the "rolling improvements".

Bookmark - The SmartSDR v2 Changelog can always be found here:

Jim, WQ2H

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That is a very LONG list of changes since the initial V.2.0.0 Alpha release!

A hearty "well done!" to the Engineering and Software Development teams!
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A Long List Indeed!

keep 'em coming FRS!
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nice update. DAX via SmartLink runs fine. It came out just right in time before the CQWW RTTY contest. It makes now the unnecessary digital to analog to digital transforming of the audio signal during remote operation obsolete.

Maestro sidetone issue is gone, I could not reproduce it anymore.
Flex Radio Team, thump up and keeps it up...

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Smartlink DAX is awesome for remote operation, worked perfect CQWW RTTY . Bands poor at my site but Flex works.
Thanks Team FLEX.