Slice Master and HRD: I have my ports all mixed up!

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Briefly, I am running the latest versions of SmartSDR, Slice Master, and HamRadio Deluxe.   I am having trouble getting DM780 to see HRD Logbook and trouble having HRD Logbook track the slice and frequency.   I am 99.99% certain it's because I don't have a good grasp of the port settings in HRD and Slice Master and have managed to get things royally confused.

I see that one can set the ports in the following places:

Within Slice Master:

Sync Tab
  1) HRD TCP Listener
  2) HRD CAT Listener

... Tab
  1) HRD TCP TX Listener
  2) TCP Cat TX Listener

Within HRD:

  Rig Control

    Tools->Config-Network Server

     Logbook ->Options

If someone could explain the role of each of the above ports, the correspondence between them, and identify which need to match to get the logbook to connect and for it to track the frequency and slice, I would be very grateful. 

Thanks and best 73,


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Posted 1 year ago

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Bob, I'll take a stab at it.

The TCP CAT Listeners in Slice Master are very similar to the TCP CAT ports in SSDR CAT.  They provide CAT control of a slice over the network rather than through a COM port.  The idea is the same, the differences are minor.  Slice Master's TCP listener's offer just a bit more control over what happens when you transmit.  Also, Slice Master offers a "TX" listener... that is, instead of always controlling the same slice, the slice being controlled by the client connecting to the TX listener is always the one that is selected for transmit.  Connecting the rig control of your logger to Slice Master's TX listener means that your logger always knows the frequency and mode of the slice you are currently working.

But, your question is about the HRD listeners, not the TCP listeners.  The idea is exacty the same.  The HRD listeners provide a way for other programs to control a slice in your radio.  The difference is the command protocol used by the client program.  The TCP CAT listeners expect the client to send and receive CAT commands while the HRD listeners expect the client to send and receive HRD rig control commands.  The whole suite of HRD programs use this protocol to talk to the HRD Rig Control component.  This, in effect, makes Slice Master a replacement for the HRD Rig Control component.  Just point your HRD components at one of Slice Master's HRD listeners.  You may have noticed this same idea has been implemented in programs like DDUtil and MiniDeluxe.  

To make use of this all, just skip launching HRD Rig Control and instead launch HRD Log Book directly then configure it to connect to Slice Master HRD TX Listener.  The Radio Pane options panel is the right place to do that.  Slice Master's settings tab will let you enable and choose the port number for the HRD TX Listener.

DM780 is even easier.  If you let Slice Master configure and launch it for you, you're done.  Behind the scenes, Slice Master will create an HRD Listener associated with the slice you are launching from and make sure the DM780 that it's about launch for the slice knows the port number as well as the correct DAX channel.

The HRD Listener options on the Sync tab in Slice Master are there in case you have a program that Slice Master doesnt know how to launch, speaks the HRD protocol, and you'd like it to connect to a particular slice of your radio.


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Thanks so much.   Very helpful.
Bob WK2Y