Simplify Flex accounts?

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I count 5 distinct FlexRadio logins that I manage:
  • Community
  • Wiki
  • Helpdesk
  • Purchasing acct
  • Insider (Constant Contact)
That's actually a nuisance when it comes to dealing with distinct passwords and possibly distinct email addresses.

It's won't be at the top of anyone's to-do list, but it would be simpler for us users if there were a single sign-on for FRS customers!  Or at least a user support dashboard that showed all our accounts.  The current "support" portal on the main website goes partly in this direction, but it does not mention the Insider list or the Wiki, and it does not give any per-user info.  (And it's too wordy for my taste, FWIW!)
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Posted 4 years ago

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Install LastPass.  Problem solved. :-)
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I use KeePassX.  That's the only way to go for my 100s of accounts.  Still, no single vendor has as many as Flex for me to keep track of.  I suppose that's some kind of back-handed compliment for FRS.
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'tis a bother, but I expect a good many of us use a uniform minimal security stance to across a firms gamete of information-only logins and only worry about a real hash/password for the one where money potentially is involved. 

For garbage logins (like posting here) I use a consistent pattern of personal hash that draws enough from the website that wants to know its me to make it unique in my list.

For places that involve real data - money, personal or other sensitive info, I typically use a variation on how "book codes" are done to create a non-patterned password and id. 

For the very sensitive I use a non-patterned unique.

Though I too use a password vault, I do make sure I have a off-line reference/index.  "real data" semi-sensitive info is hashed again before storing. The very sensitive never goes there, rather is stored physically secure in an encrypted form. 

That said, if I have a computer that does nothing other than run a non-sensitive task (like a Flex) the login will be simple.  Just don't mess it up too many times in a row, or you will be locked out until the guardian software releases the machine again....!




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I agree that passwords aren't a great problem with pwd managers and with browser memory. The particular issue I had was the need to change email addresses. I found I had been using several different ones.

And all that came from my missing the latest Insider because is down, at least for me!
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Official Response
All of the services you mentioned are separate applications, from separate companies and each one has it's own user account management system.  They do not inter-operate.   We decided to go with a "best of breed" approach since no one single software vendor provides all of the aforementioned services and does each very well.  Like Robbie suggested, a PW manager is your best bet.

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