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Bought my used Flex 6700 a year and a half ago. Put it in a rack and been such a happy camper since. Most amazing radio anyone can ever wish for.

I have today taken it out of the rack for "dusting" and re-do my schack a bit. When turning it upside down I find a label with a bunch of signatures on it. Flexradio employes I guess? Some very familiar names and callsigns, some I never heard about.

Amazing thing to do! Don't think I have ever seen or heard about something like it, on any other radio!

But it makes me courious about the whole thing. Tried to Google and search in the community without finding much info. I would like to understand a bit more about this idéa with the signatures.

Like; who came up with the idéa? Are there just one set of names or are they different betwen radios? No of radios signed like this? History leason wanted :)

I love my 6700! probably gonna be my last radio. Would be much appreciated if any of you guys that been around for a long time could give me and others some history about this amazing radio.

Johan SE3X

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Johan / SE3X

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Posted 2 months ago

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Neal - K3NC, Elmer

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Johan, that is where the name 'Signature Series' came from. Flex stole the idea from Apple when Steve Jobs had the entire Macintosh team sign the inside of the original 128K mac. I remember trying to find a long-necked torx screw driver so I could open mine and look at it when I was a mere 30 year old!
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Stan - VA7NF

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The signature edition 6700 also came with a bonus jacket but since it has the name and call embroidered, I expect the original owner kept that.  Excellent flag-ship radio, came with pre-release V1, still working well, only getting better with each year.
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Johan / SE3X

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Thank you for telling, I do hope more will come. Would be great if someone. like Tim, who's name is on the sheet, would come back with some comments.  The jacket was interesting to hear about. That was a bit of history that was unknown to me, Tnx!

You are correct Stan, about V1.  Course when I received my 6700 it was on V1. Short after V2 arrived and I didn't pay a penny for it. Can't say much about the difference, had V1 only for a few days before upgrading.
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If I remember correctly we ordered them at Dayton, put down $1000 deposit, waited a year for delivery. Got a very nice Flex Jacket with name and call and free Version 2.0 software when it came out a few years later
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Sergey, R5AU

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Yeah , I received my at July 2013 and jacket as well , however originally for RA3AJK and nowadays I am R5AU
F6700 with DEMI transverters for 144-432-1296
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Johan - all the signatures reflect the team at the time, and I think remained the same over the Limited Edition Signature series. 

There were 6700s and 6500s, with the 6500s out a bit before the the bigger one. 

My Limited Edition Signature Series 6700 is serial number 11, and one of the first handful sent to regular customers.  I still have the jacket in a closet somewhere.

Initial Software was called a "Preview" and I think mine came with v0.8  but was updated quickly after I got it.

I captured some of that June 2013 fun at

By September of 2013 the first Public Release (v1.0) was rolled out and a lot more radios started shipping.  

If one contrasts my first Preview v0.8 to the current public release 3.0.27 the gains are huge!  

Before the 6700 shipped I did in 2012 a series of "Dream" posts on the possibilities I saw for what I understood the Signature Series would bring -  

You have a piece of history and while the hardware is the same now as when your radios was built six years ago, the capabilities are monstrous today compared to when it came out. 

Truly a testimonial to the power of an active SDR  program.




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Steven Linley

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Thanks for the link to your unboxing picture. I curious, what did the jacket look like?
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Johan / SE3X

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Steve, so greatful for your post :) This is exactly what I was hoping for. I do understand and appreciate that I have one of the best radios one can wish for. And it's very interesting to know more about the history behind.

 I'm gonna open a ticket later and ask for what info Flex might have about my specific radio. I know very little about it's history after it left Felxradio and the United States. Would be nice to try to track a bit of it's European history.

Working today, but will have a read later tonight of your information.

Keep history coming Guys! Maybe more than me appreciate to learn a bit about the history around the Signature series radios.


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Stan - VA7NF

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My signature edition 6700 is trapped in a poor radio location and has complained to its owner for some time.  Trying to keep it happy, it is allowed on special occasions, to escape to a little pistol contesting location as a  third station.  Here is its escape and operating enclosure:

Seen in this image is an in-progress grab and go kit designed around a totally contained 12V station, comprising: 
  • Enclosed in a Gator 4U hard case, front and back covers not shown 
  • 6700 with rack ears on the outside and great radio ears inside.  Includes sufficient space for ventilation providing the back cover is removed
  • (Left to Right) Behringer tube audio preamp (110V)
  • Li-ion 10Ah battery with 30A marine breaker and disconnect, with 8 gauge wiring and 70A PowerPole connectors
  • Alinco DM-330MV power supply (Note: the battery has built-in charge controller)
  • All mounted on a custom heavy gauge pull out drawer

Seen in this image, top left to right:

Netgear 5 port switch (12V)
FlexRadio 6700 with shielded CAT6, XLR audio, LMR-240 interconnects with right-angle BNC connectors, and case wide grounding straps
Low loss power pole (70A in 4x45A out) - Partially hidden
Clinton Labs BC band rejection filter
Array Solutions front end protector
70A power pole disconnect so external power may be used (50Kg 150Ah AGM)
Intel NUC I5 computer (12-18V) connected to Netgear switch

Seen in this image
  • Leather case for a laptop - $4 at a 2nd hand shop
  • Maestro 'A' version - With some padding to stop the on/off button being pressed
  • Assorted power supplies
  • My favourite CW paddle circa 1960 with handmade varnished mahogany handle - tested to 60WPM
  • Foot switch (piano expression pedal) - Virtually unused but included for those voice people that may use the rig
  • Gator case front/rear cover with misc. items
As I said - Work in progress.  The intent is to make everything battery powered.  Not shown is the DEMI 2M 75W amp which is still a hand carry.

My radio has expressed thanks for the opportunity to escape STRATA/HOA 

Stan Williams  VA7NF - President Surrey Amateur Radio Communications.
See our website for "The Communicator" 

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Don - kx9q

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Interesting, I never did receive the jacket.  The 6700 was ordered the year prior to its release.  Never had any issues it just works!