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I have WSJT-X v1.8.0 installed and working on windows pc, new mode FT8 fantastic!!!
Tried to install WSJT-X on my new iMAC, program installs (including block memory) ok, however setup causing problems, under Settings > Radio > Rig, setup page shows dropdown selection for FlexRadio 6xxx so assume it should be possible, but I don't seem to be able to crack it.  Has anyone managed to work WSJT-X  under "macOS Sierra" with their 6500+Maestro system?  I don't want to install windows on my iMAC. Any ideas?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I'm also trying to set up WSJT-X on my Mac and have rig control working, but I'm pointing it to the IP address of my PC and a TCP port I set up for it within SmartCAT.  Presumably I could also use xCAT on the Mac to set up a port, but this is working.

In WSJT-X, my rig is set to FlexRadio 6xxx, network server is 192.168.X.XXX:5002 (the IP and port number on my PC where SmartSDR / SmartCAT are running).  CAT, Data/Pkt and Fake It are checked.

My issue is with audio.  xDAX is getting audio from the radio but can't figure out how to get the audio into WSJT-X on the Mac.  Hoping for input here:

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Andrew, if you’re using a Mac-only solution, xCAT (see Rick’s post above) fills the bill wonderfully.

Rick, for audio, you will need a virtual sound card app, like Loopback, to make use of xDAX. Create sound cards in Loopback (I call mine DAX TX, DAX1, and DAX2 - creative, huh?) It might also be easier to use Dogpark SDR instead of running a PC for SSDR.
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Thanks, George.  Got it working - testing the trial version of Loopback and the freeware Soundflower.  My use is a little different...  I've got a 6300, so 2 slices...  I'm using 2 computers so I can offload some of the processing as my PC wasn't keeping up with all of the decodes across 4 instances of WSJT_X for FT8 / JT65 / JT9 + JTAlert + SSDR + other stuff.

I have slice A tuned to 14.074 with the passband opened up to 5k+.  That gets me FT8 on the WSJT-X instance running on the PC, and it gets me JT65 & most of JT9 on the WSJT-X instance running on the Mac.  Ditto for another band in Slice B.
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I'm using a MAC only solution. I've downloaded WSJT-X V2.0.0-rc3 along with Xcat. I've gone through the basic but it still won't connect?  I'm missing something!  Any beginner guide you would recommend?  Thanks!  Steven
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This thread discusses Fldigi more than it does WSJT-X, but it apples to both.

Sorry - forgot to add the link: and this: