SDR waterfall suddenly slow/jerky

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I've been using SDR and my 6500 for about a month. Computer is a dell T5400, 8 core, with GTX 670 display. Everything has been work fine. Very Smooth

Suddenly today, the waterfall display is very slow and jerky. I updated graphics, checked network, even un-insatlled 1.3.8 and re-installed. SDR when I terminate it, doesn't shut down, and I have to kill it in the task manager. 

I then installed 1.3.8 on my wife's computer (right in the shack) and it's fine! So, it's the computer, not the radio.

So finally I un-installed 1.3.8 and downgraded to 1.3.0.

Everyting is nice and smooth again! 


I could try up-grading to 1.3.8 on this machine again, but I'm sort of from the school "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"  :)

I welcome all thoughts. I know I've seen some discussions here about display issues, just suprised to see this pop up, when I made no changes on this computer!

Thanks in advance,   Brent  NB4AP
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response

Walt  - Narrowing down the problem. It's my remote software (Radmin). I have the Radmin "server" on every computer in my network (about 30 computers - 5 at home, the rest at work). All the machines are Dell PowerEdge T5400's, T5500's or T5600 with various forms of dual processor with typical 4-8 cores in each processor, lots of ram, and "big" video cards. My firm practices architecture and it takes significant computer power to do that.

If I remote from say work, to the workstation at the house, the "mirror" driver (Radmin video) is sending all that display info, back over the wireless bridge, and both the local computer (server) and the remote (client) have a fairly jerky display of both the spectrum and waterfall. That doesn't suprise me too much as thats a lot of data to move. However it appears the issues is literally in the local computer (server) haveing to actually display the graphics and then "mirror" it out to the remote!

It was working fine for the last month, and is working fine now, with a re-install.

However what happened yesterday, was the local machine starting haveing the same behavior, even without the remote machine logged in. When I finally deleted the Radmin install, the display returned to normal. I've re-installed now, and it still works fine. If I remote into it, it goes slow, but as soon as I log off, it's back to normal, which is what I had before.

So apparently Radmin even with re-boots, was hung as if something was logged in.

The side story, is my M6400 workstation 17" laptop, I thought was a dog and would not display fast enough . I just deleted Radmin from it and the display is great!  So everything I said bad about it, I have to take back!

It is wierd that 1.3.0 displayed fine, so there is some interaction with 1.3.8 and Radmin. Who knew.

Finally you should know I've installed SDR 1.3.8 at work, accessed the radio at home over the wireless bridge (17mbps) and the display is great. 17mbps for lan/internet seem to be plenty fast enough, which is great news for the future (2.0). 1.3.8 isn't officially sending audio/mic over the lan yet, but there are a couple of un-official techniques. Sometimes they work, sometimes the audio gets choppy. I'm sure that is part of what the boys are working on to get right.

Thought you'd like the update and problem mostly solved.

Regards,   Brent  NB4AP