Rx Slice Identification Switching

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As most of us know there are many reasons that it would be convenient
if we could change the Rx Slice Identification.
IE: Switch (A) with (D).
This applies to 3rd party software where it only looks for Radio 1 or 2,
which relates to Rx (A) and (B).
My suggestion is to provide the ability to RIGHT click on say the
(A) in the Rx A Flag and it would then either start Flashing or change color.
Then RIGHT click on say the
(D) in the Rx D Flag.
The SSDR would then switch the A and D Identification on each Flag..
Everything else would Stay the same...
This would be easy for the Op to do. I do not know how hard it would
be for the FLEX TEAM to implement or if they have a better idea.

If some form of this has already been suggested my apologies.

Ken W9IE
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Ken W9IE

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Posted 6 years ago

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Ken W9IE

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I still think this is a good IDEA,   but have not heard any comments
from anyone.

Posting it again to see if anyone else thinks it would be helpful.

Ken  W9IE
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Brian - W9HLQ

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I agree.  I often get tangled up with my slices.  For example, if I am tuning with my "C" slice and find a station I would like to use the "A" features with (such as S-meter), it is a bother to close and open slices to get my "A" on the desired frequency.  Brian, W9HLQ
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Ken - NM9P

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Either this or some other method of slice switching would be very convenient as  a stop-gap until the logging software moves toward API/ethernet interfacing with access to multiple slices of information.
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Norm S

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I agree.  I often grab the wrong slice to use in digital modes and wish I could just switch it to Slice A.

Another topic - I tried to reply to your original post, but I don't see anywhere on the screen that I can do that.  I seem to only be able to reply to messages posted below the original one.  I'm using Mozilla.

Norm - KL7RS
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Ken W9IE

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Trying to bring up my suggestion from 5 months ago on
Swapping Slices...
I still think it is a good IDEA

Ken   W9IE
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I subscribe
Tom, 9A6TKS
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N1MM logger uses slice A as the transmitting slice. If I transmit on any other slice, the station does not get logged....not sure how to fix this.