RTTY (AFSK) works with a lot of programs now

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I have tested the new RTTY mode of SSDR with my Flex-6500 against
my IC-756PRO RTTY decoder with the following programs:

- HamRadioDeluxe DM780 (reverse)
- fldigi (thanks Bob N7ZO for the change to the xml files!)
- AirLink express (uses the MMVARI engine)
- MultiPSK

In each case the new mode worked at once (!) and without
any dropouts. Great!

Now for FSK .... ;-)
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes - FSK will make the radio a real RTTY contest monster.   Good luck to all that will be active on CQ WW RTTY this weekend.

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Out of curiosity - now that RTTY mode has been added how does FSK bring any additional advantages to contesting, or really to any other RTTY activity? I assume by "FSK" you mean that the frequency is shifted inside the radio rather than feeding in AFSK tones. Is there any difference in practice?

I'm not being contentious, I'm genuinely curious. Even though I was an FSK proponent for years (see my article in August 2011 QST) I just don't think we need it in the 6000 series. The new RTTY mode gives me everything I need from what I can tell.
Doug K4DSP
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Hi and thank you for adding a true RTTY Mode to the Flex 6XXX series.  I works just fine.
But I use Writelog and it hasn't caught up yet.  When I change the mode to RTTY on the Flex Flag, Writelog will change its mode to CW.  If I change the mode to FSK within Writelog, Flex will show DIGL (which is what it has been doing).  I can now change the FLEX to RTTY and Writelog now will show FSK.

The big problem is the Cluster Spots.  Clicking on the RTTY ones on Writelog Bandmap will put the FLEX into DIGL.   So it seems that Writelog is not decodiing the new mode.

Hope Writelog will fix it.

Joe K0BX cu in CQWWRTTY this weekend.
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What does this new RTTY mode bring to the table that was missing when one used RTTY via FLDidi and DIGU on the Flex before v1.5? I have been out of action for months due to ill-health and was just getting to grips with RTTY (before I got ill months ago) and all the new changes have done are to get me confused again. The half page in the manual is not that informative, at least to this RTTY noob :-).

Are the fixed XML files on the FLDigi site?

Can anybody shed any light on this for a RTTY beginner?