Routine 6500 Checkout

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I recently sent my 6500 in for a routine checkout and updating as required.  The Flex folks turned my radio around quickly.  The PA fans were also replaced at no extra charge.

Great service--thanks,

Larry W1IZZ
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Lawrence Gray

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Posted 1 month ago

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Bob Gerzoff, WK2Y

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Updating?  What would that be?  Do all 6500's need to have their PA fans replaced or just some serial numbers?
Thanks and 73,
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James Del Principe

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Yes. I would also like to know what updating.   You can easily update software yourself. Was this a hardware update?   Were you experiencing any issues?     Best 73, Jim
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Lawrence Gray

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Of course I can update the software myself--been doing it for years.

I just sent it in to be checked and updated if there were any hardware updates. There weren't any updates. I've had the 6500 for a long time, used it a lot, and just wanted checked out.

The post was to give some praise to the Flex folks for the excellent turnaround.

Apparently, I should have just sent a letter to Flex, instead of posting here.
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The nice thing about SDR is 99% of the time updates are in firmware and software with the hardware being stable. When I purchased the 6500 years ago it was already rung-out and no h/w updates required.  in the good old era of vacuum tubes rigs required annual alignment. Solid state rigs were better with much less alignment requirements. The Flex 6x00 series self-calibrates at power up; just can't bet it....

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James Del Principe

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Lawrence, I did not mean to offend you. I was curious if there were any hardware updates. It was good of you to compliment Flex here. 73, Jim.
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Lawrence Gray

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I totally agree.  I just wanted confirmation that my 6500 was working to spec's.  Since I no longer have access to the level of equipment needed to properly test the 6500, I wanted to have confirmation from the folks who designed and built it.  I received that confirmation quickly at a very reasonable cost, along with very prompt answers to my questions.  Great support, in my view.
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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It is a great reminder that periodically perhaps we all should have our gear checked out.

Sometimes I think it would be useful to have  a Hobbs Meter on important gear (an in-use hours measuring meter) and schedule inspections & PM (preventive maintenance) base on accumulated Hobbs hours.

But then would we ignore it when a service interval comes up?



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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Amen, brother.
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Bernie W7DMC

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Like your idea of PM. Good investment. My 6500 has been running 24/7 for >4 years with no problems, luckily. My PGXL did need a little TLC and the service was fantastic Glad you posted your positive comments.
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Pat - WH6HI

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Thanks for the post! I’v had mine now for a long time. I think it is time I opened it up and to clean it out and check fans, heat sinks etc. that collect dirt and dust. Your post has acted as a reminder for me.....thanks!