Rotator Control Module in the Smart SDR GUI

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3rd party rotor control running on associated PC devices seem the solution of choice for rotor control today. Understandably, logging/rotor control programs like HRD etc. do go together like apple pie and ice cream. That said, the convenience of having a rotor control as a module directly built into the Smart SDR GUI would make remoting with a single device a lot easier. Curious as to the feasibility of this idea, or if I have missed progress in this area please comment. Thanks.. Barry K6ZA
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Barry Isseks

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Posted 1 year ago

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Rotor control within the Flex GUI will likely never be implemented. Radios primarily contain frequency information, not azmithal information. Plus there are more than a dozen popular rotators. Which protocol(s) would you support? Flex is committed to developing cutting edge radio technologies like multiFlex that do not exist in the industry as well as the best "affordable" ham radio on planet Earth. Could it be done yes, but I for one would rather have Flex's resources working on bug fixes and new innovations. All of my logging programs handle rotator control seamlessly.

Just my $.02


Alpha Team
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You can run your Flex with SmartSDR from a laptop. That one screen can have your radio, rotator control, logger, etc.
It does get a bit crowded and that's why I like having the radio on aseparate screen. I prefer to use a Maestro for CW, SSB and digial mode whenever possible.
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Unfortunately, running via Smartlink, does not allow for any of those other features (ie. rotor control, additional antenna switching, etc)

I’ve been asking FRS to add an additional function to the USB Cable interface. A simple USB COMM port available via the SmartCAT interface, by allowing the creation of a connection between SmartCAT and a USB/SerIal port cable (Same model of USB/Serial port cable used for SteppIR control). Once, the Virtual COMM port has been created, any control utility (DDUTIL, Rotor Control, Antenna Switcher, etc) can use created port.

73’s de Mike wa6fxt
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I use PST Rotator AZ and it allows access remotely via a web page (need to configure PST Rotator and open appropriate port in firewall).

Using SmartSDR for IOS, I can minimize SSDR for IOS and access rotor control from a web page. This is easy.

I also have another app that allows access to my Data Loggers Web Switch Pro for turning devices on & off remotely.

Dave wo2x
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If you’re using a PC local to your radio, you’re defeating the purpose of using just my F6700.

Mike wa6fxt
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Rotor Control without PC Option - I use a Micro Bit 1216H Web Switch with serial port to control the rotor. The unit also has 5 relay contacts to turn my Flex and Amp on. I also switch a few antennas with the unit. Have been running the unit the last two winters remote.

 I use the DCU-1 format for my  Hy-Gain Tail Twister. A TTL to RS-232 converter must be installed between the 1216H to Rotor which can be purchased from Amazon for less that 15 dollars.

  This assumes that you already have a serial port board  or other purchased rotor control already installed. If not a serial port board/control can be purchased from Idiom Press in kit form or
 pre-assembled. The 1216H already has a Web page that can be accessed on your LAN. Accessing remotely port forwarding can be setup in your router for internet access.