roadmap <= V1.5?

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can I have look on the new roadmap?

I'm so curious.

73 de

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Posted 5 years ago

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Good joke :-)
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Don't really need a road map until your planning on going somewhere, If you can't move forward with the rest of us you don't need a map. You not going anywhere. Maybe you'd be more interested in a nice Post Card. We will either call you when we get there, or send you a telegram. Be sure the Dog gets fed. Oh, and the Cat is not to be used as Dog food.

Out exploring the Weird
Still miles to go before I get there.
But I'll get there!!
73, Jay - NO5J
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After the last backlash they got from v1.4 delay, I'd be surprised if much is announced ahead of time, and I don't blame them either.
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... you have forgotten " REAL REMOTE OPERATION via WAN "
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No, Chris WAN is not forgotten.  That is in 2.0 as previously communicated many times.  However, we gave you the data compression/decompression part of WAN in v1.4, which was originally planned to come later.  We could have done v1.4 without compression/decompression but we decided to bite that bullet early so you would get the benefit on WiFi now.
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Gerald, i buy the F6700 end 2013 after i reading the Flex advertising, i can work real remote via WAN. Maybe it was my fault to read not all or detailed what Flex says about remote and WAN. TRX is still here in shack. From time to time i switch power on but only for RX. Have never done a QSO. Flex wait to move to the remote location and i will never us any other soft like Skype or Teamviewer for remote operation. Now i have the info that i have to wait further 6 to 12 month for the 2.0 (i know no given date for the release) and that i have to pay again 200 bucks for the needed function. No question; hardware is great and SSDR also but in my opinion the priority of SSDR features are wrong. Nothing against FM mode but i am member of contest and DX clubs here in DL and i ask them about FM mode - maybe you can there laughter till US.    Again, i love my F6700 and and it's not for sale. 73 Chris
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Can you point to where the WAN pre-2.0 was said?  I have an old roadmap from FRS {circa May 2014 - v1.9} that shows remote LAN is expected in 2.0.  They state remote via INSIDE LAN is 1.4 + FM.  They have meet the road map and extras.  

US$200 for upgrades between point releases is reasonable to me.

Good Luck in your contests!  I do hope it can be sooner and not later.


PS: I am liking the FM mode - first time on 6 meters in 40+ yrs of hamming
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Tim, i need to put my 0.02 for 
"We have publicly stated that SmartSDR v1.5 will contain improved noise mitigation features and an automatic mode of operation for the ATU.  Other than that, we have no additional forward looking statements on the features for any future releases."

NB bit sensible too with NR for 1.5 ;   my investigation looks like NB in F6X operate within all visible band on PAN, but not only within Slice Passband (ex 3kHz or other), effect is: in case any Hi Power Ham on air nearly you slice passband it will modulate NB operations within active Slice passband
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Good One Michael - April Fool's joke but you beat me to it!
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I don't think he was joking but apparently you all do. Flex better not provide any road map they can't keep them.
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They only missed two Steve, one was by two weeks.
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In an Agile environment, if it isn't done and ready, it doesn't make the ship, ergo, you can't really say what will be shipped in 3 months or 6 months. With fixed resource either time or features are fixed. When you talk about they...who's they? that uproar was from inside this echo chamber.
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V5.0 !!

  Artificial Intelligence built-in. 
   Connect to internet. Set your objectives, record your voice with some words.
   All set!
   Everything will be managed by Flex to best achieve the given objective and you will receive an email with all the records of QSO when it achieved the objectives.  What you need is just wait for the email....
  What a boring world of the Amateur Radio!!

73 de JI1BNU
Ken Yamada

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How about a way to sign up for the roadmap if you promise not to complain about it? I'd sign up for that.
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ok, thank you. I understood.

I meen not <= but >= write.


73 de


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Try Google Maps, they have a new section on software and hardware updates. ;-)