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Any body besides me wonder how many reservations FRS has for each of the new models coming out ? Just something to thank about . And which one had the most?
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Posted 1 year ago

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My guess (and its purely that) is this information is internal as to not tip off the competition.
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Curiosity is human nature but this is similar to asking how much money you made last year! Normally, its not our business! When you ask a store about stuff like this, if they give you an answer I would suspect it was inflated a bit!

73 es best wishes for a great 2018!
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100% internal proprietary info. 
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by carefully look image of flex insider that is public and posted here   ,this is my guess 

3 different kind of PCB is visible and each is 100 unit +/-5  ( PA , FPGA , ATU ? )
each PCB holder rack is usually 20 unit  ,i use same rack here ;-)

you may see also 60 radio almost complete  3 shelve whit 20 radio on each one 

so my guest is first run of 100 , followed by a second run of at least 100
and that number may reasonable ,start a SMT line for less that 100 unit is very expensive 

p.s. we also see 14 rack that contain 13 PCB each of the main board  so near 200 unit ;-)

but that only my guess ,only flex knot 

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There's probably not much advantage for a manufacturer to release reservations or sales numbers.  Well... wait, that's not true.  Tesla proudly boasted about their reservation numbers of their Model 3...  at least initially.  But I noticed we haven't heard much about their reservation numbers (or the number of canceled reservations) after the public's frenzy wore off. 
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As long as the reservations include at least one reserved unit for me, I'm content with that level of knowledge.

I know I would not be building even just one of these units myself!


Steve K9ZW

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Based on what I have been hearing on the forum and online it looks like FRS sold a TON of the new radios. I bet when the numbers come in the rest of the competition is going to be even more nervous then they already are.

I believe we are looking at at a new chapter for FRS, amateur radio and the amateur radio electronics industry in general.
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What they are doing with the new radio's is closing the gaps. For those that would like a radio on it's own, without a computer, they are just the ticket.
And as we know, complete station automation is were Flex is headed,  as well as native remote features. Know one eles is doing that, or even can.