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I for one have carried on remote operation for the last three years. I have used the VAC and my WN1 watt meter system to give me remote control to my notebook, Ipad and android phone. I used Skype and team viewer. I have not installed a HF mobil in two years but was able to operate all the way from mississippi to Dayton and back with very minor problems.

I would like to have the 6000 series have the remote funtion as one of it comming events. If others agree they can say so. I do not see the option of going through the soundcard with additional wires a option, if iwas going to do that i would just stick with my flex 3000 as the remote.

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Posted 6 years ago

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I also vote YES, at least get a single user up and going over the internet, Multi user server can come later.

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I believe this ranks very high with the 6000 series operation opportunities. The 6000 because of it's (in the box processing) and thin client ability allows remote possibilities that are off the chart of what we can imagine. I know that for start-up the remote abilities would have some limitations probably because of bandwidth issues. This is very important!

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!
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Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

This is why I bought my 6500 because of the promise of true REMOTE operation, for me basic Remote , single user is more than acceptable.

Living in an antenna prohibited condo my 6500 is pretty well useless to me other than for some RX activity.

Let's have true Remote.



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1000% -  YES

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My understanding is that there will be totally native access by V2.0 including an iPad App... it so, then it would be miles ahead of anything else on the market for remoting.
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Yes for me too...and I don't want to wait another year for 2.0.
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You can always look at my thread about remote operations via iPad. Over the past 2 years I have remoted via San Diego from 18 countries.
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Yes for remote -- everything all in one package so don't have to use Skype, keep a PC in the remote shack, etc.
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Lets get True Remote on the Road Map!!
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One reason I purchased my Flex-6500.  Building antenna farm now out of town for mostly remote ops.
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Obvious this is a priority issue. I hope we see some movement on it in the very near future. Flex has really come across so far. Also I see the 6300 as a great remote option. After all do y ou need 4 slices most of the time and the price point is excellent. Y
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Vote = YES
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I'll toss my me-too into this ring as well.  

I've been doing a lot of remote work with just an RDP connection back to a machine close to the 6500.  It works great for digimodes but phone is going to need some help.  I'd love to see a new dax channel for "speaker" output and mic input. The current option of piping a dax channel to the headphone works but leaves all of SmartSDR's audio mixer controls sitting idle.  Having a dax channel with the same audio as is feed to the front panel jack would be a great alternative to skype or RemAud.

What I've read about the ideas for remote operation sound great but also sound like a lot of work.  I can take care of my own IP security and can access my home lan safely and securely from anywhere.  Simply being able to connect to the 6000 series by IP address, rather than by "discovery" only, would meet all my non-audio needs for remote access.
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I use for my remote capability. However, you cannot restart the SmartSDR software via this remote. The hardware restarts after a power failure, the software does not.
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110% yes, with iPad app, and, no extra cables or PC required.  If it could also work on iPhone that would really be great.

I have my PC and 12 volt power supply on a sine wave UPS

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