Remote on 1.4.3 radio hangs

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While operating with the new remote feature on a MacBook Pro wirelessly the pan adapter and water fall and all audio will stop.  I close SSDR 1.4.3 and when I restart it it tells me the radio is in use and there are no other instances of SSDR running as I've never intalled it on any other computer.  I hit the power button on the radio and nothing happens.  I had to hold down the power button on the radio for a few seconds to get it to shut down and then after the restart of the radio, SSDR is working fine again.  This happened twice yesterday after a couple of brief QSOs.  It has not happened yet today.  About once every couple of hours the network quality indicator in SSDR goes red, RX audio breaks up but it will recover in a minute or two.  No DAX channels were active or streaming.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I'm seeing a similar issue with 1.4.3 where the audio and panadapter/waterfall freeze for several seconds, then resume. I'm hardwired, not remote... I've not seen my network indicator show anything but all green bars... 
So far I've noticed this after the radio is on for several hours and it does this several second stutter repeatedly once it starts..
-jim NM1W
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I have the same issue here and what I have narrowed it down to is the wireless internet is loosing connectivity back to the router or speed drops down far enough to start having errors in the Ethernet packets
What is bad about this is that when it happens when your in Transmit it locks the transmitter ON and this should NOT happen and there should be a watch dog to kill the Connection and especially the Transmitter with in say 30 seconds or so.

One thing I did here is make sure I had the very latest stable version of Ethernet drivers on your remote computer and it's very important to have latest updated firmware for you motherboard , this is what I did to make things run a lot lot better.
(learned this back in the FLEX 5000 days)

I think FLEX did a VERY good job with the first (or second) version released software and have enjoyed it very much.

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I'm having a similar issue. 2011 MacBook Air with Windows 7 Professional in BootCamp was running FB remote via WiFi on 1.4. On 1.4.3, I found that it would just hang out of no where, and WiFi would indicate that the connection to the network was there, but there was no internet connectivity. It would also no longer show my 6300 as available in SmartSDR. This occurred on both the 5GHz and the 2.4GHz networks running off my router. I would need to restart the computer to get the network back, but another few minutes on 1.4.3, and it would repeat the same issue.

I resolved it from reoccurring by ensure that DAX, SmartSDR CAT, and MiniDeluxe were shut down on my wired shack desktop. No big deal, but a bit of annoyance considering I could leave everything but SmartSDR running on my main shack computer and still operate remote via LAN or WAN with no issues in 1.4.

Edit: It's worth noting that none of the above involved any TX. This was all RX only. I do have TX issues when on 12-10 meters and push more than 80 watts, but I can directly attribute that to a fan dipole on the roof blasting RF into the router and Ethernet causing RFI issues. 


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This may not solve your problem, but I had a similar one where SSDR would periodically freeze after 15-30 min of use. Be sure that ur 6000 box and SSDR are running on the same network, and not one on a sub-net. My XPS running W8.1 was connected by WiFi to my CM router. The 6000 was connected by Ethernet to the XPS. When I introduced a WiFi network extender and plugged the 6000 Ethernet cable into it, all of the hanging problems disapeared. ...Jon... WW6ZZ
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If you are running a Mac you can get some good info on WiFi Stats to see what is going on.  In Finder hold down the option key and click on the WiFi symbol in the menu bar you should get a menu drop down that looks like this:

The import stuff is the RSSI, Noise:, TX Rate: and PHY mode.  (Yes in this example I am connecting faster than a Gig to my AP/Network)  What are you seeing for your stats ?  
From what I have seen with SDR 1.4 on the network - I doubt you could run over B/G Wifi (2.4Ghz) you will need A or A/N, better yet AC.