Reference to "reset radio to factory settings" in SSDR user guide ver. 1.6.21 is lost?

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 Quote from user guide:


Default profiles can be modified or deleted from the radio using the Profile Manager, but will be restored if the radio is reset to the factory defaults (see section 30.12).

Note: Default profiles can be modified, but the modifications cannot be saved using the default profile name.  A new profile name has to be entered.


Profiles are different from persistence.  As described above, profiles are a way to manually save and restore a complete radio configuration and then return to that configuration later.  Profiles require action on your part to both save and restore, but are a very quick way to put the radio in exactly the state you want.

Persistence, always enabled on your Signature Series radio, remembers settings from band to band without your direct action so that when you return to a band your settings are restored.  For example, if you are operating on 20m and set the output power to 60W, then go to 10m and set the output power to 100W and then go back to 20m, persistence will return your 20m power to 60W.  Resetting the radio to the factory settings (see section 30.12) will clear the persistence settings.

end quote

Problem is: there is NO section 30.12.

Question is: How DOES one "reset radio to factory settings"?

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Posted 4 years ago

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It is there in my copy on page 143. The proceedure is slightly different for the 6300 and the other two 6x00 models.


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   Current versio of software users guide is 1.6.17... 
   If you have profiles that you would like to keep, Export them before you do the factory reset and reimport them after..

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weird - my copy of the software users guide says 1.6.21

dated Feb. 8th

Good Luck !
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Here it is... page 143 from the same file Walt linked to.

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Official Response

Thanks for the rapid, timely input guys.  Here is what happened.  I converted the SSDR guide in PDF format to M$ Word.  Word scrambled the page numbers (amongst other things).  30.12 in my Word file is on page 138 of 179 and not on page 143 of 181 as in the original PDF.

But wait, there's more...even in the PDF the headings are scrambled. e.g.



30.3 STARTUP TAB - ok so far on pg. 135


28.4.1 Focus Return - huh? Does this belong here?

30.4.2 OLED Display Options

A couple of aspirin and a good night's rest and it will all go away - right? 


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@butch, do not underestimate the therapeutic effects of several bottles of beer. Just keep on drinking until the voices in your head start to make sense.

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