Reduce fan noise without opening case on Flex 6300

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Here is an easy way to reduce fan noise without removing the case on a 6300.
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So... if anyone wants more info contact me: occamrazr at
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Posted 4 years ago

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did you drop it in a bucket of water?

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I agree it does make quite a racket when it does kick in.  It seems to be quite easy to make it do so too. The Flex 6x00 series has been built to run at 100% duty cycle, but I doubt that any body would as the fans would be on a LOT. I mainly run JT modes at 40W, but crank it up to full to get through to some DX (naturally not calling on his freq) and it is easy to get the fan to start.
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The Flex is to be remoted. Let it blow!
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I run a very quiet shack with fanless PCs and I would be interested in reducing the 6300 fan noise which is on all the time. Occasionally it does kick in to full on mode during a long period of operating.
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Rack mounting in a sound abated cabinet with exhaust fans and filters on the air intake would do it!  I was thinking of building a cabinet just for that purpose.  I was thinking of also mounting a few other items in the cabinet as well.  Like my PC, an automatic tuner, maybe my KPA500 and Ethernet router just to name a few.  This could all go into a cabinet with adequate airflow and filters.  Keep the equipment clean and reduce some of the noise.

Then I started thinking that maybe an easier approach would be to put all of my gear on a wire rack (like the shelves you find at Home Depot or Lows) inside a small closet.  The closet would have an AC duck going to it and being in an enclosed room, it would keep the shack noise to a minimum as well as reducing the dust problem.

I live in Arizona and dust is a major problem.  It is so bad that I currently have 1/4" loose foam filters on each side of my 6700 and on top of my KPA500.  I clean these filters every 5-7 days.   This has substantially reduced the dust buildup inside the equipment.  

I think any installation should not only incorporate an easy mounting, but also sound abatement and clean filtered air for cooling.

Would anyone else like to maybe contribute to this by maybe explaining how you've gone about resolving these issues?  Pictures would really help!

Norm - W7CK